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[July’12 Freebie]:VibeLivre

This month’s Freebie contains an Awesome Free Responsive Theme for WordPress Designers and Bloggers. VibeLivre : Free Responsive WordPress theme Responsive theme, supports tabs/ipads and mobiles HomePage slider Dark Theme Three page templates Intuitive Themes options panel Inbilt Portfolio template Upload/Import/Export functionality Inbuilt breadcrumbs So if you the blogger who never gets time to build his own profile, or portfolio. Or you are a designer with no time to make a good portfolio. VibeLivre is for you. VibeLivre Demo Free …

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Landing Page Optimization

Jul 13,12by Mr.Vibe

The goal of Landing Page Optimization (or Conversion Optimization) is to improve the percentage of visitors that become prospects or customers. Landing page in layman terms is to ask the visitor to do something or to take an action; to buy a product or service or to subscribe to it. Creating landing pages allows you to target your audience for specific marketing campaign like an email campaign. A good landing page helps in generating leads, showcase our offers to the …

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Starting with A/B or Multivariate testing for your Landing page

Jul 11,12by Mr.Vibe

If you understand the importance of landing pages and why you should not direct your campaign traffic to your homepage, then you must know that creating landing pages is only half the solution you are looking for,…..that is improving conversions. Common Fallacy “I have created a landing page template and use it with different pictures/styling for various online campaigns.” Well that might not always work. Even if you have one best performing version, chances are that for different campaigns it would not …

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Tips to write awesome blog titles

Jul 2,12by Mr.Vibe

Do you write your article/post title based on main SEO keyword or you make it appealing for readers to click ? This is one question which every blogger/site-owner faces and the strategy he chooses from this determines the blog’s SERP’s/traffic and viewership. So, which one’s better, SEO based or appeal? Lets start with basics……I love them, sometimes you’ll get to know something new or scroll down to last What is a blog title ? Well, its your blog-post or your …

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Starting Up With Social Networking Strategy

Jul 1,12by Mr.Vibe

Did you know that the percentage of search engine results affected by social networks have risen from a respectable 5.3% in 2009 to an impressive 7.22% in 2011? Even the likes of domain level brand metrics and the keyword agnostic features have fallen behind the impact that the current social networks have had on search results. In fact, as far as most experts are concerned, the influence of the social networks is only going to get stronger and that is …

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Top two organic search results perform better than top paid adwords links!

Jun 26,12by Mr.Vibe

Another reason to focus back on your SEO Strategy, a recent study shows that top two organic search results perform better than top 3 paid search results.

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Why You Should Create Landing Pages For Your Product Or Service?

Jun 25,12by Mr.Vibe

Are you confused about why your paid Google adwords campaigns are just not increasing your conversion rates?  Also, have you considered why your SEO strategy is unable to attain better conversion rates in spite of bring in a fair deal of traffic to your site? If this more or less defines the fix that you are currently in, then you are probably relying too much on your homepage by using it as the only landing page on your site. Read on to …

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Best Social Sharing plugins for WordPress

Jun 22,12by Mr.Vibe

If you are on web, then you know how important “Social sharing” is. Think of this, Facebook + Twitter + Google+ + Linkedin + Digg + Stumble upon combined have 800 + 300 + 62 + 100 + 35 + 25 = 1.3 billion accounts,a huge huge number. Think of what can happen if you’re able to drive about 0.01% of this traffic to your site!  Err, well I am not going to tell you that :P. Bottom line, if there …

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