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Why We Should Switch To Progressive Web Apps

Jan 22,21

Do you also believe that only native apps have superior performance and can reach a larger audience? Progressive Web apps are an overlooked opportunity for developers to provide access to a larger and more diverse audience. Modern web apps based sites can be accessed on any mobile device with a browser and provide the experience of a native app. In this article, we will discuss why it is the right time to switch to progressive web apps and the various …

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How WordPress With React Act As A Headless CMS

Dec 18,20

WordPress needs no introduction as it provides every piece of information over the internet. WordPress ranks a few steps further with its pre-designed themes and plugins by third-party WordPress developers. WordPress Rest API allows developers to create themes and plugins and third-party applications with Headless CMS. These themes offer restricted space for any types of changes and customization and we also notice many glitches, slower page loading, and malfunctioning of action buttons.  With so many possibilities that Rest API offers, …

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How PWA Responsive Design Benefit Your Website

Nov 19,20

In the last few years, mobile users have increased tremendously and have skyrocketed traffic from mobile devices. Around half of the web traffic highlighting the business community is now coming from smart devices and  smartphones. Web designers around the world are switching to PWA responsive design and its ever-growing importance of cross platforms for a more user-friendly experience. In this article, we will focus on how progessive web apps and the way it makes your website more responsive. PWA Responsive …

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PWA Is The Future Of Enterprise Web Apps

Oct 21,20

Enterprise web applications have gained a lot of importance in the last few years. In the age of web-apps, well-established industry leaders are facing competition and online businesses are becoming more valuable than ever. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of eLearning, online shopping, etc. Thus, keeping up with PWA technology maintains your company’s growth. In this article, we will learn how PWA will enhance the future of enterprise business by shaping the future of web applications. PWA Is Shaping …

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Serverless Apps: The Future Of Apps And Web

Oct 11,20

Everyone wants a faster, scalable, and easier to maintain the app for their business.  In this cloud age, everyone is shifting a step ahead and toward the serverless apps. In this article, we will learn why serverless apps are the future and how it will take the app development a step ahead.   Serverless Apps Are The Future Earlier, developers had to think a lot about servers and the distribution of loads before developing an application. This was the time when …

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Introducing “VibeBP” framework for BuddyPress

Jul 22,20

Today a common notion among WordPress users is to not use BuddyPress as it makes their sites slow and to be honest it is an undeniable fact. However, I can also guarantee that today “any” plugin or theme with membership capabilities same features set will suffer from same deficiencies. Do not take my word, you can just checkout reviews : There is nothing wrong in how these plugins are coded each one has their own fantastic approach. It is more …

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How PWA Is Enhancing The Experience Of Mobile Users

Jul 11,20

Mobile devices have completely revolutionized the web development industry.  With the increase in mobile device usage, it has become more important to target mobile users as well to improve the conversion rate. Using PWA (Progressive Web App) enabled website is a way to target mobile users while enhancing their user-experience.    In this post, we will discuss why a Progressive Web App enabled website is essential, and the way it enhances the experience of mobile users. Why PWA Enabled Websites Is …

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Why use SVG & WebP images in WordPress ?

Jun 28,20

Scalable Vector graphics aka SVG’s have been around the web for quite some time. There is no denying that they are the best form of image because they are scalable and you can implement logic inside them. Let’s see why you should consider SVG & WebP for images, JPEG,PNG is good, the new formats are changing the web. Unfortunately, both are not supported in WordPress. Let’s see why. I did a small experiment to check if SVG’s are actually useful …

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