5 Innovative Ways To Use Video Conferencing For Your Online Training

Do your online training resources fulfill the learning objectives and outcomes?

Video conferencing software can be your go-to method of communication in online training.

In this article, you will learn the various tips and tricks to use video conferencing in delivering innovative online training to your learners.

Video Conferencing For Your Online Training

Are your learners getting bored of the regular training? This may result in incomplete courses by the learners. All you can do this is to improve your online and make them more engaging for the learners. Many online trainers and L&D professionals are using video conferencing software to interact with the learners.

Video conferencing in your online training can do wonders. It allows you to deliver face-to-face training to the learners. You can also host live events and learners development webinars for delivering better training. Let’s see the various innovative ways to use video conferencing software for your online training.

Deliver Face-To-Face Training

Training learners with the normal eLearning courses don’t impact them properly. They can only understand the training but lack the proper implementation of the training. Video conferencing tools allow you to deliver face-to-face training to learners. This helps the learner to gain proper training with more practical actions. Thus, face-to-face training delivers a better training impact on the learners.

Screen Sharing For Better Training Resource

Apart from the face-to-face training, L&D professionals use the screen sharing option to review online training resources among the learners. Screen sharing together with video conferencing does the overall aesthetic to provide training resources to the learners that streamline your training activities. Sharing screens with additional training resources while training learners helps in better training and removes cognitive overload of learning.

Host Q&A Sessions

Solving the questions and queries of the learners is a sign of proper training. This makes the training easily digestible for the learners who participated in your training. Host a live Q&A session and listen to the issues and queries of the learners. Solve the issues of the learners and help them to clear their doubts. you need to know about the latest compliance updates and solve the queries accordingly for delivering a better learning experience.

Improves Learners Collaborations

Bringing learners together at a single platform from all across the globe is a dream for many L&D professionals. Video conferencing helps you in collaborating learners from everywhere together in a single training module. This helps the learners to discuss emerging issues and reduces the negative performance behaviors. Thus, learners can easily get attracted to your online training programs and get an insight to look at how to implement the training in the real world.

Collect Feedback From Learners

Online training requires many forms of training and finding the right type of training is difficult for the L&D professional. Face-to-face video conferencing helps the learners to point out areas for improvement that need a modern makeover. It delivers a chance to pick their brain and make the online training resource more relevant for the learners. Try to collect feedback from the learners right in the training module and improve your training.


Video conferencing tools help you in delivering engaging online training. It builds the process of remote collaboration and maintains active learning communication among the learners. If you are looking for a platform that can provide online training to the learners along with video conferencing compatibility then WPLMS is the right Platform for all your training needs.

April 10, 2022

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