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Mr.Vibe (Ripul Kumar) is a freelance web consultant, a designer and developer with a passion for User experience and interaction design. Earlier a product manager and business analyst in top eCommerce companies, he has done his bachelor computer science and has a weakness for freshly prepared chocolate cakes.



6 Ways To Boost Traffic Of Your Website

Do you want your people to see your website, especially if you worked hard to create it from scratch. Increasing traffic to your website not only ensures that your time is well spent, but it will also raise brand awareness, foster trust with your target audience, and improve your rankings. As a result, your conversion rate, user engagement, and revenue may improve. Above all, increasing your web traffic will give you a better understanding of what your audience wants, allowing …

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5 Best Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Product

Creating a new product or service is a lot of work, and unfortunately, it doesn’t end there—launching and promoting it is the other half of the equation.  You could have the best new product or service on the market, but if you don’t properly promote it, you’ll miss out on opportunities or even lose money. In this article, we will learn the 5 best marketing practices to promote your product. The Most Efficient Methods Of Promoting Your Product There may …

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How Project Management Software Supercharge Your Day-To-Day Workflow

The terms “workflow” and “project” are frequently used interchangeably.  Well, they share many similarities, they serve distinct functions! Knowing what those are will assist you in selecting the most efficient system, implementing the appropriate tools, and ultimately assisting your team in succeeding. Let’s take a closer look at workflow management, project management, and everything in between. What Exactly Is Project Management? A project is a meticulously planned strategy for achieving a goal. Projects, whether carried out by an individual or …

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5 Innovative Ways To Use Video Conferencing For Your Online Training

Do your online training resources fulfill the learning objectives and outcomes? Video conferencing software can be your go-to method of communication in online training. In this article, you will learn the various tips and tricks to use video conferencing in delivering innovative online training to your learners. Video Conferencing For Your Online Training Are your learners getting bored of the regular training? This may result in incomplete courses by the learners. All you can do this is to improve your …

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The Ultimate WordPress Email Troubleshooting Guide

Email communication is one of the most important part of any website. There is just so much riding on effective email communication. Even though there is more spam emails than ever, more marketing emails but for transactional communication it is the best and easiest route to implement. While a good Email communication adds to trust of a site, a missing email communication can lead to trust deficit. “Imagine purchasing a product and not getting an order confirmation email”. While implementation …

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Service workers and potential risks ?

Recently I was asked a question by a user about the potential risks involved in using service workers. The point the user made was that Service worker sits in the browser, just like a “virus” ( yes that’s the term he used ) tracking everything and has the potential to leak data and share it with third party unwanted sites. Now, this is a very serious question which actually hits on the credibility of whether service workers should be used …

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5 reasons to switch to Gutenberg from Elementor.

Elementor ( & other page builders ) days are numbered, well if you don’t believe me. Following is my attempt to convince you to make the switch from Elementor to Gutenberg. Full Site Editing Experience The WP 5.9 releases in January 25, 2022, this will mark the closing chapter for Elementor. As WordPress adds the Full site editing experience, Elementor stands as an odd one out. Not only the Gutenberg FSE looks more polished, but Gutenberg controls are more elegant …

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