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Service workers and potential risks ?

Feb 21,22

Recently I was asked a question by a user about the potential risks involved in using service workers. The point the user made was that Service worker sits in the browser, just like a “virus” ( yes that’s the term he used ) tracking everything and has the potential to leak data and share it with third party unwanted sites. Now, this is a very serious question which actually hits on the credibility of whether service workers should be used …

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5 Stunning Member Profile layouts for VibeBP Social network addon for BuddyPress.

Jan 6,22

Stunning profiles and user persona designs in Vibe Framework

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Why prefer PWA Powered LMS for Your eLearning project.

Dec 22,21

Web constantly evolving and creating innovative features to enhance the overall experience for the organisations as well as learners. In order to improve learning technology, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) powered LMS is the rage right now. In this article, we will discuss how progressive web apps LMS enhances learning and has become important for your organisation. PWA LMS For Your Organisation In this era of emerging technologies, web browsers are being continuously updated to add new features like- access to …

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5 reasons to switch to Gutenberg from Elementor.

Dec 6,21

Elementor ( & other page builders ) days are numbered, well if you don’t believe me. Following is my attempt to convince you to make the switch from Elementor to Gutenberg. Full Site Editing Experience The WP 5.9 releases in January 25, 2022, this will mark the closing chapter for Elementor. As WordPress adds the Full site editing experience, Elementor stands as an odd one out. Not only the Gutenberg FSE looks more polished, but Gutenberg controls are more elegant …

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Why PWA Apps are so much better than Native / Flutter Apps?

Oct 22,21

It’s time to put an end to the long debate Flutter vs PWA vs Native. The Winner is PWA ! Having seen both sides of creating apps via PWA, Flutter, Native & Hybrid apps for over 4 years I can confidently say PWA is “THE FUTURE“. Why is PWA so much better than any other technolgy. Why should you go for PWA and not for once think about anything else. Simplicity Creating PWA is so simple and easy. If you …

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WordPress As Headless CMS

Oct 8,21

Content management systems are very useful as it allows you to create, edit and manage your content whenever needed. Traditional CMSs such as WordPress don’t meet everyone’s requirements due to lesser amount of flexibility. In such cases, WordPress can still be used as what we call a headless CMS. In this article, we will discuss how to use WordPress as a headless CMS along with the various advantages of a headless CMS. Defining Headless CMS  In simple terms, a headless …

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Finally WordPress recommends against using jQuery.

Oct 7,21

This week WordPress published this post on the blog recommending against using jQuery in WP Themes. If you have been following our blog we have cited several reasons for the need to migrate away from jQuery and which page builders heavily rely on jquery. The number 1 reason cited is performance issues and it is important to understand what performance issues they are talking about. The performance metric described is the LCP which is the largest content-ful paint . …

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Vulnerabilities arising from WordPress Logged-in traffic

Sep 26,21

Updated 16 October 2021 Even though WordPress is a revolutionary CMS, the biggest strength that a common ecosystem being shared by a number of developers is also its weakness. Every other day we see a plugin gets hacked, a backdoor entry was found leading to thousands of sites compromised. Its not about quality of Developers but the entire WP ecosystem is vulnerable if just one user/developer makes a mistake, it can expose a vulnerability in some other plugin which is …

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