Native Apps Are Now Outdated, Long Live PWA

Mobile devices help users in staying connected 24/7 for most of their daily tasks. 

Mobile native apps and web browsing are the only way to engage more users.

But now Progressive Web Apps are gaining the attention of the users as well as the developers.

In this article, we will learn why native mobile apps are now outdated and why PWAs are the future and later we will see the features that make PWA long live.  

How PWAs Are Making Native Apps Outdated

No doubt, native apps provide the quality user experience to the users as they are designed based on the friction for both the user and the developer. PWAs are app-like websites that are designed only on the friction of the users to provide the best user experience. 

To develop a native app, developers are restricted by iOS and Android rules, guidelines and approval process to make it available for the audience. While developing a progressive web app, developers are not restricted through any rules, guidelines, and approval process so that they are more powerful and feature-packed for the users.

To use a native mobile app, a user has to download and install them from the App Store on their mobile devices and they still worry that it will use their mobile storage space. Progressive web apps don’t require any type of download and installation and anyone can launch the PWA from the URL.

Native mobile apps require regular updates and the user has to update it from the App Store and app developers have to adapt their app to iOS or Android. On the other hand, progressive web apps are free from this type of aspect and are easily available to everyone as they work easily on various platforms and browsers.

Features Of Progressive Web Apps Over Native Apps

Saves Time And Cost Of Development

Unlike developing native mobile for different platforms, progressive web apps are developed easily by using web stack development that works properly on all the platforms. Therefore, developing PWAs instead of building the app for multiple platforms takes less time, effort, and is more cost-efficient as compared to native mobile apps. 

Free From Downloads And Installation

This is one of the core features of the progressive web apps that have made the native mobile apps more outdated. PWAs are free from downloads and installation while native apps require downloading and installation on the device. A user can easily add the PWA to the home screen easily and can access the site contents.

Ease Of Updation

Progressive web apps are a way to provide the latest updates without using their device data. PWAs don’t require users to update to their latest version like native apps users have to update their native apps through the app store. Anyone can easily add the latest update by visiting or clicking on the URL. Thus PWAs free their users from regular updates and provide access to up-to-date solutions.

PWAs Increases User Engagement

Progressive web apps allow users to add application access directly to your home screen. PWAs use the cache memory of your device to store the data so that you can easily access the content even in the offline mode. It also sends a push notification for the regular updates to maximize the engagement of the users. Thus PWAs are an effective tool to increase the engagement rate of the users.


Progressive Web Apps are the ideal solution for the business looking to engage their users with the mobile devices. While native mobile apps are not going to lose its existence but somehow PWAs will be more popular in the coming years.

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