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CSS Styling for Default WordPress Calendar Widget

A lot of time when you install a theme or when you design a theme, you almost forget about the WordPress calendar widget. There are many premium themes in the market which do not care about this widget simply because it is one of the “lesser used” functionality. So if you were thinking about having a calendar widget but your designer did not appreciate in creating extra CSS for the calendar. Here’s small piece of code for you, which I …

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Ever wanted cool buttons for your blog or theme? Well, Today’s freebie is a small and crisp WordPress plugin for buttons. You’ll get the html/css code attached with the download. These are not just plain simple buttons but a combination of twelve-color variation that give these buttons an awesome shadow effect and a slight 3D effect, with clean finish. Try this out today. You can use them by inserting the shortcode vbutton in your post or pages. How to insert …

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April 2012 Freebie

This months freebie includes a list styling plugin : VibeCodes. The plugin sets a TINY MCE button in the wordpress panel with option to create beautiful lists just by inserting shortcodes.When it comes to lists not many options are present, you either have to add a lot of images or change the code/styling for images. So, we’ve created a solution for you just keeping in mind that text styling is important. The plugin uses sprites for icons and is already …

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March 2012 Freebie

This months freebie includes a responsive image slider plugin for WordPress: vFlexSlider. Responsiveness has been the latest trend in WordPress themes market. With TwentyEleven being responsive this trend has been promoted by Automatic itself. So, we needed a WordPress image slider plugin which too is responsive in nature. While we are working on making vSlider responsive, this plugin would help cover the gap for the time being. vFlexslider has the following features: * Responsive image Slider plugin for WordPress. * …

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WP Sanitize

WP Sanitize is a WordPress Optimization plugin which we have developed for in-house maintenance and keeping our site safe from hackers. We have been using this plugin for past 6 months in our site and it has helped us in preventing hack attempts. We are now releasing it to open domain so that you can also take advantage of this plugin. This is a very small 2KB plugin which resides in the admin panel and checks for any potential …

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vSlider for Developers: Introduction

vSlider is currently one of the most popular image slider plugin available on WordPress. Although it has some cool features but we have been getting a lot of requests via forums, comments and emails. However, adding all these features to one slider would make it cluttered and the lower its performance. Since most of the users would not require all the features which we are being requested, we are starting a tutorial series for those who require some special changes/features …

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vSlider for Developers

As you are aware that vSlider is one of the most popular image slider plugin on WordPress, not only because of its features but also because of the support we are trying to provide and the number of possibilities it provides. vSlider runs on a modified version of coin slider, and we love coin slider because it provides effects on the lowest level or blocks and has a number of ways to implement it. Lately we have got some requests …

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Need a Slider for WordPress get vSlider 4.1

If you own a WordPress blog or website, there aren’t many elegant image sliders in WordPress to which you can look to download and run on your blog. The worst is it isn’t easy to integrate with your blog and you need to make several changes to make them work. Not any More! Your search for image Slider for WordPress ends at vSlider 4.1. vSlider 4.1 is one of the most powerful and easy to integrate slider in WordPress. Download vSlider …

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