March 2012 Freebie

A Responsive WordPress Slider plugin- vFlexslider

Responsive image slider plugin for WordPressThis months freebie includes a responsive image slider plugin for WordPress: vFlexSlider. Responsiveness has been the latest trend in WordPress themes market. With TwentyEleven being responsive this trend has been promoted by Automatic itself. So, we needed a WordPress image slider plugin which too is responsive in nature. While we are working on making vSlider responsive, this plugin would help cover the gap for the time being.

vFlexslider has the following features:
* Responsive image Slider plugin for WordPress.
* Combination of vSlider framework and responsive flexslider.
* Two simple transitions Fade and Slide [Up,Down,left,right].
* Touch enabled for touch screen phones and pad [Android and ios supported].
* Mouse, Keyboard, Scroll navigation options.
* Pause and Play support.
* Random, Loop, start slide sequence options.
* Tiny MCE button support

Since vFlexslider is based on vSlider Developer framework to make it W3C compatible and error free. If you need to make any modifications to the look and feel of the slider. You need to open plugins editor and make the CSS changes in the vflexslider.css file.

Since the slider is responsive in nature, it does not require auto re-size features and image quality control. The assumption is that the featured images would be big enough to be accommodated in the slider without any resizing.
Note: It automatically takes the shape of the covering div.

View vFlexSlider Demo
Responsive WordPress Slider

Download from this link [Members only, register as member here (its free)]:
[emember_protected for=2-3]
Download vFlexSlider
Size: 745 KB | Free

Above Plugin is GPL and you can use it any of your commercial projects. Do post your suggestions or feedback for the plugin.


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23 responses on "March 2012 Freebie"

  1. The world is going after responsive, so why not WP? I was looking for this plugin and finally found it. Thanks vibethemes…

  2. I test this plugin with WordPress 3.3.2 but it doesn’t work … is it normal ?

  3. How can i add it to my index page and not a widget area?

    • use shortcode [vflexslider name=”vflexslidername”]
      function call :

      if (function_exists(‘vflexslider’)) {

      In your theme index.php file.

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  4. I tried the plugin and I have a small problem. I’ve set it up on the Home Page and for some reason all the images are display att the same time before working like it should do. I’m sure it’s a easy fix I missed

    [ URL ]


  5. It is very good post.

  6. Hi, this is just in time. But I found something and hope you guys may solve this later on.

    Whenever I active the plugin, the drag and drop menu feature in wordpress admin panel is affected, and not working.

  7. Hi,
    first: NICE PLUGIN!, tks for shared.
    Second: The thickbox it’s not working when i try to upload an image.


  8. Hi,

    I am using the whiteboard theme and when I activate your vflexslider I can no longer upload images through the media library or the vflexslider space.

  9. Hi, this looks to be an awesome plugin and what exactly I have been looking for. However, after installing and inserting a slider into one of my posts I have noticed that the slider functionality is not working. It is pulling up all of the images, but nothing more. I can send a screenshot if needed.


  10. Please create a thread in our forums with your site link.
    ( v )

  11. I’m registered but there’s no download link – it says

    Download from this link [Members only, register as member here (its free)]:

    ! This content is for members only.

  12. I m getting following error
    Unable to Add vflexslider, can not insert vflexslider

    • Did you try using different names for your slider. I am sorry, we’re no longer supporting vFlexslider anymore. We’re currently working on vSlider 5.0 which is also a responsive slider.

  13. Since this isn’t available anymore will Vslider be updated to a newer version? I liked your plugin among others not because of all features(they are more than enough) but because it can fit my theme but 4.2 kinda breaks it’s layout when responsive option is enabled.

    • Yes, I will be updating it. But as you know everybody has to do something for a living, currently vSlider is down in my priority list. But, I can assure you that I will be updating it in coming few months.

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