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Why You Should Create Landing Pages For Your Product Or Service?

Jun 25,12by Mr.Vibe

Are you confused about why your paid Google adwords campaigns are just not increasing your conversion rates?  Also, have you considered why your SEO strategy is unable to attain better conversion rates in spite of bring in a fair deal of traffic to your site? If this more or less defines the fix that you are currently in, then you are probably relying too much on your homepage by using it as the only landing page on your site. Read on to …

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Best Social Sharing plugins for WordPress

Jun 22,12by Mr.Vibe

If you are on web, then you know how important “Social sharing” is. Think of this, Facebook + Twitter + Google+ + Linkedin + Digg + Stumble upon combined have 800 + 300 + 62 + 100 + 35 + 25 = 1.3 billion accounts,a huge huge number. Think of what can happen if you’re able to drive about 0.01% of this traffic to your site!  Err, well I am not going to tell you that :P. Bottom line, if there …

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How to set expiration date for your blog post in WordPress?

Jun 15,12by Mr.Vibe

This wordpress tip comes to your rescue when you want a certain blog post to show only for a limited period of time like a contest or may be a discount offering post. Instead of manually removing the blog post, you can just make it expire automatically.All you need to do is replace your WordPress Loop with this code: <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> $expirationtime = get_post_custom_values('expiration'); if (is_array($expirationtime)) { $expirestring = implode($expirationtime); } $secondsbetween = …

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10 Important Web Design concepts you didn’t know

Jun 7,12by Mr.Vibe

Web Design is not only about Photoshop or HTML 5 or CSS3, it also involves a large part of user experience design. If you are only, a pure web designer then most likely you’ll be used like an efficient tool by your client to convert their ideas into a website. Sadly most of web designers learn this via the hard way i.e with experience and time. Interestingly, you’ll realize that how easy it is convince/convert a client if you have …

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10 tips to increase your website speed

May 25,12by Mr.Vibe

Website loading speed is very important, a faster website means a better user experience. There’s no point of making a beautiful website if it is slow loading. Interestingly, for a faster experience you have to take care from the very first step when you start with the mockups/PSD’s .Below are tips and best practices which one should take care while designing/developing a website which can increase your website loading speed: Website Speed: PSD’s 1. Avoid gradients for background : Gradients …

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SEO strategy for WordPress blog

I know this one has been talked about a lot. Every second blog has an article on this topic, even Google fetches “About 8,920,000 results (0.35 seconds)” . So, I’ll try to be different here and bring in something new that is based on my experience. Well to summarize in few key points what other blogs state on “SEO strategy for WordPress“: Identify Keywords and include them in your content. Install the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. Write a lot of …

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Best Free Project Management tools for Web Developers in 2012

As a web developer when you are working on a collaborative project or as a part of a team, often you’ll face issues such as tracking progress of a project, improper task assignment, duplicacy of work, rework on previously resolved issues and as the number of team members grow, eventually the task of keeping everyone updated becomes cumbersome. That is when you need an effective project management tool. Well there are plethora of project management tools available, but which one …

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Myths about Google PageRank in 2012

May 9,12by Mr.Vibe

Google PageRank is one of the most popular and mystified concepts in the world of SEO. There are myths, facts and confusions on Google PageRank. Google has always been changing its algorithm to avoid websites gaming the concept. PageRank(PR) seems to be one of the most guarded concepts by Google. The recent “Penguin” update is just another example just like the “Panda” hurricane. Now with “Penguin” update Google now tries to identify sites/pages which are stuffed with keywords and over …

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