How Design Trends change ?

Gone are those days when you needed graphic designers to draw you some cool icons ( 3D ones). Lately there has been a shift in design trends. While designing via Typography is an all time favorite, there was an era when 3D icons were very popular. Then there was trend of  minimal web design design which big white spaces and minimal texts were used.

It is really important to understand why & how design trends change. Mostly these trends are brought in by the community but the base inspiration is drawn from the changes taking place elsewhere in other technologies. Like with the advent of iPhone & iPads a whole new design trend began, Minimalism.

With the popularity of iPhone the demand for minimal design grew. Minimal websites, minimal icons, minimal wallpapers and so on.

Similarly, with the popularity of Pinterest,  the  masonry (staked images) design trend started. The metro design in Windows 8 & lumia devices started the metro design trend.

The amazing fact is that the Popularity of these technologies almost represent the same popularity proportion of their corresponding design trends.

The latest design trend “Transparency” which is the hot favorite of design community these days, is once again inspired from the Retina Ready technology of Apple devices. As the demand for these devices will grow we see design involving higher resolution images with big spaces and transparency.

The popularity of technology has been the key driving factor to design trends

September 18, 2015

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