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Fastest WordPress Theme

Dec 4,11by Mr.Vibe

Last month I was having discussion with my friend who runs a popular WordPress theme store (Mr. Ninja) and a very popular blog on gadgets on what could be an ideal WordPress theme for bloggers. One thing which we both agreed was that “fastest loading WordPress theme” was the single most criteria which was necessary for every blogger while selecting the theme. All other aspects including the SEO and Advertisements could be later on enhanced by using plugins. Skip to …

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10 Creative One Page Site

Nov 30,11by Mr.Vibe

One page site is an awesome idea. It’s just amazing to see how the creative graphics designers put their thoughts and ideas into one page site. What i feel is One page site is more manageable, can be more creative and beautiful than other multiple page sites.You can really go beyond the traditional thinking and design an awesome concept. One page site offers many advantages over traditional multiple page based sites such as No refresh, quick, responsive, distinctive but they …

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vCandy Theme

Nov 29,11by Mr.Vibe

WordPress fastest theme Built for Speed vCandy is one of the fastest WordPress theme. Its average page size is less than 80 Kb and minimizes the number of Http requests by using CSS sprites. It is one of the best WordPress themes which is built for Speed. fastest loading WordPress theme Unlimited Colour Scheme You can customize vCandy with unlimited color options. Every section in this theme including the borders and featured areas can be fully customized using the administration …

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Getting best performance out of vCandy

Nov 28,11by Mr.Vibe

vCandy is one of the fastest loading WordPress theme and to leverage its real strength you should follow the suggestions given in this post. vCandy rocks! seriously we have compared it with all the top contenders (including Twenty eleven theme ) based on the following popular metrics: Google Page Speed Score Yahoo YSlow Score Total Page Load Time Total Page Size And we have got better scores in most of the above metrics plus the bonus 100% validation from W3C …

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How to set up vCandy

Nov 28,11by Mr.Vibe

This post will show you how to install vCandy and the use the documentation provided in the downloadable to understand how vCandy works. After you have bought vCandy WordPress Theme, you have to follow the following simple steps: Unzip the Downloaded file on the desktop. Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Themes section under Appearance, Click on install themes. Click on Upload link and then browse for the zipped file on your desktop where you have unzipped the …

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vSlider for developers

Nov 17,11by

vSlider Features and Much more vSliderDev comes with all inbuilt vSlider featured including image caching and transition effects. Plus a different css files gives the added flexibility to include container as well. W3C Validated vSliderdev for Developers is W3C validated and helps in improving SEO score for website. Custom Styling Create unlimited custom styling using vslider.css, vslider dev comes with preloaded ipad and vslider classes to get you started. You can easily create your own version of styling by copying …

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Removing Malware from your WordPress site

Nov 15,11by Mr.Vibe

Earlier this week, when I was working on the vSlider plugin’s new feature (secret but largely expected) which would be available with our developer version. got infected with malware, when a malware hits a site ( like VibeThemes, which is distributing downloads) then it has a very high probability of spreading malicious content (Trojans, Viruses and spyware) along with the downloadable content. I came to know about it from Google, when I searched VibeThemes on and     …

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Essential WordPress Security Tips

Oct 31,11by Mr.Vibe

As WordPress is becoming more popular so is the threat of being hacked or being contaminated by malware. Since the desktops and laptops are increasingly becoming difficult to hack, hackers now concentrate on hacking websites and use them to spread their malicious code/trojans/virus. WordPress which now hosts more than 60 million sites which is more than half of the sites in the World Wide Web is now their primary target. Protecting your WordPress blog/site is not cheap even the Automatic’s …

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