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Making custom changes in the WPPinterestTheme is easy, most of these changes can be done via VibeOptions panel. However, in some cases you may be required to add your custom CSS code. We’ll first begin by simple changes that you can make via the VibeOptions panel.

Custom Changes VibeOptions Panel

When it comes to custom theme changes VibeOptions provides you with a lot of options to customize the theme.

  1. HomePage Tagline: While Tagline is just for name sake, you can use your custom HTML, shortcodes and any other plugin of your choice. You’ll see that we’ve provided you with a WordPress like Tinymice editor for this place, because of which It supports any content you’d like to place here. Since this space is under theme, it is responsive automatically unless you provide a fixed width here explicitly. For vSlider 4.1.X versions would not be suitable here, but 4.2 would work great. Similarly you can place any slider of your choice here.
  2. Custom Featured Section: This section is called the featured section and is disabled by default. Interestingly this is same as tagline, but appears below the tagline and supports html and shortcodes also. To enable this section you first have to click on checkbox : Enable custom featured section under the Homepage tab.
  3. Theme Settings: VibeOptions panel supports many theme changes but all these are activated once you click “Enable Custom theme settings” in Theme settings tab. We’ve placed this setting, so that you make all your changes background image change or header color change and apply all these at once in your theme.  So, Custom theme settings allow you to change the background image of the theme, header background and some custom CSS which you might require if you’re creating totally a different theme.
  4. Logo, Favicon and Footer content changes: VibeOptions panel allows you to make small changes like logo change or favicon change or footer content quickly. The default logo is of height: 26px, however theme supports logo of higher dimensions, keep in mind that if you have a bigger logo you might not get a fully responsive theme. So if you have a bigger logo and you’re not enjoying the responsive feature at particular dimension, you would have to use the “custom css” feature in Theme settings tab to add CSS3 media queries to make your logo responsive, in any case you can always contact us for quick help via support forums or email.


Lets take an example, lets say you want to add a slider to the theme, we’ll add the vSlider 4.2 responsive slider version to this theme:

  1. Install the vSlider 4.2 version plugin and activate it.
  2. Setup you vSlider in the vslider panel.
  3. Go to VibeOptions panel, enable custom featured section by making the checkbox active.
  4. In the Custom Featured section add the shortcode [vslider name=”XXX”]
  5. Save settings.

As soon as you refresh your theme you’ll find that you have a sleek vSlider on your WPPinterestTheme home page.

December 15, 2013

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