Vibe SEO Pack is more than just a standard WordPress SEO pack… it’s like having a WordPress SEOconsultant helping you out 24/7. You just need to concentrate on your content and Vibe SEO pack will be your WordPress SEO auditor for each post or page you write.

WordPress SEO audit for all of your posts!

First time ever a free WordPress plugin help you evaluate each of your posts and pages and give you hints about what to change to achieve the best search engine optimization!

No coding skills needed to use this plugin. In fact, you do not need to edit a single file in order to have the best search engine optimization solution for your WordPres driven website.

WordPress SEO 2.0!

Vibe SEO Pack will check your website title and description for your site main keyword. Will also check your link structure if it is WordPress SEO friendly or if there’s a sitemap generated for your site and will tell you what to do if something needs to be changed. Lots of other WordPress SEO features available as well (see screen-shot bellow).


  1. Unzip vibe-seo-pack zip archive and upload it to wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate vSlider WordPress plugin
  3. Go to Vibe SEO Pack options page and add your keywords and/or custom settings
  4. Good to GO…

Download Vibe SEO Pack WordPress SEO Plugin



  1. Al says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Gregory C. says:

      Agreed, this is an awesome plugin!

    2. NewsApproved says:

      Thanks for the Plugin..!!

  2. Smirk says:

    Is adding the title of the post planned any time soon?

    1. admin says:

      Well, i don’t know any WordPress theme that is not generating a title tag with the post name. For me did not make sense to rewrite the title, one reason is that i want to keep the plugin as light as possible.

  3. says:

    I’ve watched the code source in your blog to find out the vibe SEO.
    It’s quite good but I don’t dare to try. But I’m waiting for the next update.

    1. admin says:

      LOL, understandable. As you can see, i have started this page from scratch, it will be interesting to see how Google will index it on the next update, how the traffic will evolve, and so on. Bug reports are welcomed as well. Anyway, organic growth is not just about a good seo tool, but it helps a lot keeping things organized for bots, this was the main idea behind this plugin.

  4. Thank you for the plugin

  5. Totoro says:


    I was used to use your plugin, but I recently noticed that your plugin is incompatible with the Simple:Press Forum Plugin and make it disapear …

    1. admin says:

      Yes you are right. It is triggering some of the same functions from WordPress. I will see what i can do. Mean time they cannot be used together because of this conflict.

  6. Holly says:

    i am still looking for a good SEO plugin for WordPress. my blog is not ranking high enought for the keywords that i wanted to rank.

  7. sunshine says:

    Awesome job !!! keep it up.

  8. SEO Wanna Be says:

    Hi your post is amazing, It’s incredible, I learned a lot about SEO and Man, this thing’s getting better and better as I learn more about internet marketing. Also as part of my ongoing mission to find the absolute best tools to make money, this is without a doubt at the top of my list. Everything happened so fast!

  9. stacyfaye says:

    I like what this SEO plug-in does, but I too will wait for the next upgrade so that more of the bugs get worked out before I try it.

  10. stacyfaye says:

    Thank you so much for this great information. It sounds so easy to use. I especially like the fact that I can simply copy and paste a Google Webmaster tag to my page. I get so annoyed when I have to edit code.

  11. bobolee says:

    nice seo tool !Thank you for the plugin,I think i should download it

  12. Mark says:

    After installing the plugin I got “Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘nofollow_archives’ was given in /home/usbuilde/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 166”

  13. bean says:

    Hmm I am getting a page rank of 0 on this page and only 3 on your home page. Not the best advertising!
    I am averaging 3-5 right now on my blog

    1. Stefan says:

      I see something else, might me we are not measuring wit same tools. LOL

  14. Thierry says:

    Look at your instructions above.. is there a small mistake at the #2???


    1. Unzip vibe-seo-pack zip archive and upload it to wp-content/plugins/ folder
    2. Activate vSlider WordPress plugin
    3. Go to Vibe SEO Pack options page and add your keywords and/or custom settings
    4. Good to GO…

    1. Stefan says:

      You are right. :)) will change it to the correct name.

  15. Elliott says:

    Hey –

    I tried to activate the plugin, but got this error message just above my header:

    “Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘nofollow_archives’ was given in /home/httpfut1/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 166 ”

    What gives? Thanks!

  16. Elliott says:

    I tried to activate your SEO plugin, but got this error code for my site.

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘nofollow_archives’ was given in /home/httpfut1/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 166

    What am I doing wrong?


  17. free plugins says:

    i must say, it was interesting to browse trough so many great plugins on your blog. I must bookmark your site now as the stuff here on your site looks to be very helpful.

  18. Jay Was Here says:

    Thank you for this..optimizing a wordpress blog is very hard without the correct plugin…thanks for this will save and share.

  19. dalidas says:

    Thank you so much for sharing.and plugin

  20. thanks you for provide the link of download seo wordpress plugin, it is very useful. I like it. this seo article help my seo job.

  21. Davekat says:

    I have narrowed it down to your SEO plugin affecting a page on this site: I have kept the plugin enabled for now so that you can see what is happening. You may refer to the WordPress forum link (below) for screen shots and conversation with the photo album plugin conflict with your SEO plugin.

    Problem page:

    it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything other than the drop in page thing.
    I am running WordPress ver 3.01.

  22. james weaver says:

    Need Help with SEO! Thanks for sharing!


  23. Dean says:

    Nice plugin, i hope the conflict with Simple:Press Forum Plugin is resolved soon.

  24. Nice plugin, I will give it a chance.

  25. Thank you so much for Vibe SEO..Nice blog

  26. Mike says:

    Does this work nice with all in one seo pack? I can’t use it at the site level because site is not about only one topic. So if I leave that section blank will it not overwrite existing optimization?

    Given that then the next question is again working with existing all in one entries. DO I delete them? Disable it completely?

    How do you do that on a site that is already optimized with Allinone seo pack?

  27. rifeman2007 says:

    I tried the plugin but it doesn’t display the meta title and keywords that I have set in my page. Here’s the output that i get.

    How will I be able to output the title and keywords? Any help would greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Stefan says:

      Please post a link to your page or create a thread in the forums.

  28. Wow… :O
    great plugins…!!!

  29. izmir escort says:

    Thank you so much for Vibe SEO..Nice blog

  30. mike says:

    Causes pages that are second level on menu to have about 20 lines of code to show above header. Using Twenty Ten Multi-Weaver 1.2 and wp 3.1.3.
    I deactivated your plugin and all well again. I am going to see if Weaver 2.0 fixes the issue.

  31. mike says:

    still broken in same places with Weaver 2.0 . only two lines now.

    #primary, #secondary, #altleft, #altright, #ttw-top-widget, #ttw-bot-widget, #ttw-site-top-widget, #ttw-site-bot-widget, #per-page-widget, #wrapper { behavior: url(; position:relative; }

    1. Mr.Vibe says:

      We have noted this issue and we are working on this. Thanks for updating us.

  32. Mark says:

    Thank you for the plugin

  33. This is a cool plug-in!!

  34. Can’t get it to install. Upon install I just a php error and I have to go rename the plugin folder and delete the plugin to get the site to work again

  35. kapil says:

    hi really a cool and super seo plugin i was wondering for this type of tool
    thanks for sharing

  36. cowboy says:

    just installed your interesting software – but it prevents my videos from displaying (stream video player). thanks

  37. crumbcake13 says:

    Will this plugin work for the latest version of wordpress 3.2.1? I saw this plugin on the wordpress search but it says it’s not compatible with the latest version of wordpress.

    1. Mr.Vibe says:

      Yes, we are using it on VibeThemes 3.2.1 with Vibe SEO Pack 1.2.

  38. daedalus says:

    How will I know if it is working? I already installed it and I’m not that sure if it is working. On my Link Management/ SEO Audit this is written (all-checked):

    Found site title containing main keyword

    Found HP description containing main keyword

    Found HP keywords containing main keyword

    Permalink structure OK

    ..what’s gonna happen now?

    1. Mr.Vibe says:

      Means your site is in good shape. “..what’s gonna happen now?”, start writing posts and pages and you will see an SEO audit below every post use it to optimize your content.

  39. Oh, i like it. I using it in any my project. and.. it best plugin for seo.

  40. does it make problem if i use it with all in one se pack or with another seo plugin?

    1. Mr.Vibe says:

      Yes! there are chances & I would not recommend using Vibe SEO pack or WordPress SEO to use along with All in One SEO Pack plugin (AIOSP). People have even faced issues even with exporting critical SEO data from AIOSP to other plugins.
      However I am building a feature in Vibe SEO pack 2.0 version which would enable Vibe SEO pack audit and other functionality to work along side other SEO Pack plugins including AIOSP.

  41. As WordPress websites are in much demand these days, and i will surely try this pack of yours.

  42. toko online says:

    how to work plugin?

  43. Please help for I’m a newbie when it comes to seo plugins. If you can provide a video tutorial or step by step guides or screenshot on how to configure it then much better. Thank you..

  44. aravinth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing it

  45. I know Vibe wordpress plugin from my frend. Is it now working with the Simple:Press Forum Plugin?
    Thank You

  46. GearPQ says:

    I am using Yoast SEO plugin on my site now, but if I install the Vibe WordPress SEO plugin should I remove the Yoast and can I continue using both? I ask this because multiple SEO plugins in one site causes errors right. Please suggest some solution.

    Thank you,

    1. Mr.Vibe says:

      Stick with one plugin that’s the best advice.

      1. NewsApproved says:

        What is more special than Yoast SEO Plugin ?
        Will it help me for a better SEO ?
        Please suggest which one to use as am new to this field..!

        1. Mr.Vibe says:

          We stopped vibe seo pack development after the yoast seo plugin. But the recent yoast seo updates 3.0+ are more focused on cross selling their paid products than the seo in general. The yoast seo rating declined from 4.6+ to 3.9 after their 3.0 update.

          1. NewsApproved says:

            Its working great.

  47. GadgetsP says:

    Thanks for the blog its really helpful.

  48. BingBytes says:

    Nice info!! Really helpful.

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