Installation and Setup

First of all Thank you for purchasing WPPinterestTheme. In this documentation we’ll cover theme installation and setup. Before we begin, lets see how to download the theme file.

Downloading Theme

  1. After you’ve purchased the WPPinterest Theme, you would receive a mail from VibeThemes at your paypal mail id (The email id you used in paypal while purchasing the theme). The mail consists of your download link. So, to download all you have to do is click on the link or copy paste the link (in blue) into your browser address bar. Please note this is an encrypted link and is valid only for 24 hours. However, you can anytime get the theme by sending an email from your paypal mail id or sharing us your transaction id.
  2. So, now you have the downloaded file. You’ll see , it is a simple zip file named theme.zip. Unzip the file and you’ll find that the unzipped theme folder contains three more folders and a zip file. Folders namely: Documentation, License, Help and WPPinterestTheme.zip.
  3. As the name of these folders suggests, documentation has a PDF document a complete file telling you everything from scratch. License is a simple .txt file based on the license you;ve purchased. Help has some supporting documents which tell you how to reach for help and finally the theme WPPinterestTheme.zip.
  4. All you have to do is go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Theme under Appearance tab, Click on install theme, click on upload, select the WPPinterestTheme.zip and click install. As soon the theme is installed click on Activate.
  5. The theme will be activated as soon as you’ve clicked on activate and you can then go and refresh the theme.


Theme Setup

  1. After activating the theme, the theme would ask you to setup two menus: Top menu and Main menu.
  2. The theme utilizes the WordPress nav menus feature, so all you have to do is setup two menus and assign to top menu and main menu locations supported by the theme and click save.
  3. Note that top menu does not support more than 6 items, however main menu has no such limit can support many items as much as your screen can hold.
  4. The theme also requires WordPress featured image feature which means that you have to assign a featured image to every post, in case a post is not having any featured image assigned it will show a default grey image, which can changed form the VibeOptions panel in your WordPress dashboard->Theme settings tab.
  5. You can change the footer text also form the VibeOptions panel->General settings.
  6. You can change the logo and favicon from the VibeOptions panel->General settings.

Since Theme setup is very large we’ll cover theme setup in following more posts:

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December 15, 2013

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