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Now, when you are done with downloading and setting up of the theme, this tutorial will guide you through the Vibe options panel. You can customize wppinteresttheme according to your requirements like adding a slider on the homepage or adding some tabbed content.

1. Homepage

Homepage Tag Line is used to give tag line on the home page under the main menu. You can add slider in addition to this tagline by giving the shortcode given in the theme documentation tab. Number of comments shown per thumbnail helps you to customize the number of comments you want to show on homepage below the post content and Enable Custom Featured Section helps you to enable/disable the shortcode added on the homepage.

2. Theme Settings

Enable Custom Theme settings would enable any custom color or background you have given in the options below. The theme background can be changed by Upload Theme Background and Header Background color changes your theme header color. You can also insert your custom CSS in case you want to with Enter Custom CSS option.Show featured image above posts content gives you the option to show featured image above your post content. Upload Default Featured image is helpful when no image in inserted in featured image, then by default this image will be posted in the featured image place. Enable Pinterest style recent posts widget in PostsThis option enables you to show your recent posts in awesome pinterest style on the single post page.

3. General Settings : This option lets you change your logo, favicon and the footer text.

4. Like Framework

If you want to enable or disable like framework you can do it via “Enable Like framework”. You can also make sure a single user likes one post at a time with this option of Re-like single user or you can also set number of days after which the user can like again the post.A custom message can be sent via Re-like Error message if the user tries to like again.

5. Shortcode settings

You can manage the Tabs, Accordian,slider, tooltip, popovers and many other shortcode settings via this option. The settings contain animation duration, allignment details of above mentioned features.

6. Advanced search

Advanced search comprises of Auto fill features of the site search. The auto fill in search by default contains, categories, tags , posts names etc, however you can always update the list by adding your custom list to the auto-fill in search. Which is provided in this section.

7. Import/Export

If in any case you want to save your old settings and switch to the new settings you can use the option of Import/Export. Export your old settings via copy/download/ or using copy link and whenever you want your old settings back just import your old settings in the same tab.

8. Theme Information: All about theme.

9. Theme Documentation : Gives you all the shortcodes structure and usage. It also gives you all the information about the CSS, Javascript file.

December 15, 2013

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