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One session per user in WordPress

Feb 12,15by Mr.Vibe

In the recent 4.1 update WordPress introduced session management classes/functions/hooks.You can locate the “Logout of all other sessions” button your user profile in WP admin panel, click this button and you’ll be logged out of all other sessions. Other sessions would mean that you logged in from another computer, mobile phone/app etc. This is an important update not only in terms of security and privacy but it also adds considerable options to expand the native CMS functionality, as WordPress now tracks …

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Must use features in WP Jetpack

Sep 23,13by Mr.Vibe

With 7 million downloads Jetpack is one of the most popular wordpress plugin in the wordpress plugin repository. It is also one of the most recommended plugins to use for any WP setup, whether it is a corporate website, a blog or an ecommerce portal.  Since, Jetpack is promoted by itself, it has a very high trust factor which is one of the main reasons for high download count. Jetpack is like a combination of plugins, some are essential …

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Tools to create your own CSS3 transitions

Jul 21,13by Mr.Vibe

With all modern browsers support CSS3 transitions ( including IE 9+ ), CSS3 transitions have been widely accepted by the designing community. CSS3 transitions are light and fast compared to the same transition functions in javascript. Interestingly the javascript easing animations can be easily replicated using CSS3 , using the Cubic Bezier function. Not only this, using Cubic bezier you can create your own animation styles. In case you are not aware of the know/how of CSS3 transitions here’s a link to …

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Vizard Theme

Jul 18,13by Mr.Vibe

Multi Purpose WordPress SEO theme Drag Drop Page Builder with Unlimited Page Layouts Create unlimited layouts, save your new layouts, import/export your layouts to new installations. Advanced WordPress SEO theme Live Color and Font Changer Change any theme color Live, Change/Setup Background Image/Color, Setup Background Effects, Adjust Font Sizes, Change Font styles from 600+ Google fonts, Change font colors and import/export all the settings in one go. SEO WordPress sliders 4 Awesome Sliders Premium LayerSlider 4.5.5, FlexSlider, NivoSlider and Camera …

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How Design Trends change ?

Jun 1,13by Mr.Vibe

Gone are those days when you needed graphic designers to draw you some cool icons ( 3D ones). Lately there has been a shift in design trends. While designing via Typography is an all time favorite, there was an era when 3D icons were very popular. Then there was trend of  minimal web design design which big white spaces and minimal texts were used. It is really important to understand why & how design trends change. Mostly these trends are brought in …

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Mar 8,13by Mr.Vibe

This month’s freebie is a clean and simple HTML landing page “Blink”. Landing Pages are the indispensable part of marketing.It is one of the most important component of your inbound marketing strategy as well as lead generation. Blink Landing Page uses Flexslider in both the main slider as well as the testimonials. The jQuery Gallery Plugin “Touchtouch” is a fullwidth responsive gallery plugin from Tutorialzine. Features 1. Clean & Simple Design. 2. Easy to Customize 3. Video Supporting Slider 4. …

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Using WP Customizer without impacting the page load speed..

Mar 1,13by Mr.Vibe

The latest feature of WordPress, WP Customizer is the latest buzz in WP dev. community. Finally, after some improvements most of the Premium theme authors have finally accepted the new feature with both hands. WP Theme customizer allows a user to make changes in the site appearance “Live”. By Live I mean that on one half of the screen you have the options and on the other half you have your site, so any changes you make in the theme …

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Feb 17,13by Mr.Vibe

VibeCom is a powerful theme packed with tons of features and amazing designs. A brief snap shot of all its features: For this theme we’ve built an extensive Documentation comprising of 40+ video tutorials. Which is available at the following link: VibeCom Documentation

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