Pinterest inspired WordPress Theme

Pinterest inspired WordPress theme

Responsive Grid Framework

WPPinterestTheme is build on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework. It is a powerful responsive platform supporting all devices and resolutions, supported by twitter developers.

WordPress Pinterest inspired theme

Infinite Scroll

This theme provides you with infinite scrolling functionality, which means no pagination. As you scroll down, the page automatically loads up without refreshing itself. Great user experience with absolute SEO advantage as crawlers get a better page load time with new content on the page.

WordPress Pinterest inspired theme

Advanced auto Search

Advanced search comprises of Auto fill features of the site search. The auto fill in search by default contains, categories, tags , posts names etc, however you can always update the list by adding your custom list to the auto-­fill in search which is provided in the options panel section.

WordPress pinterest theme

Like Framework

The theme comes with an inbuilt Like framework, which enables the user to like your post and subsequently increase the like count of that post.

Pinterest WordPress theme

Ton of Shortcodes [All Responsive]

Tabs,Slider,Accordian, popover, tooltip, modal, buttons, alerts, dropdowns….The Theme comes preloaded with tons of useful shortcodes, all these shortcodes can be combined among themselves to create new and visually appealing features.

wp theme pinterest

Intuitive VibeOptions Panel

Setting up your theme would have never been so fun. The user friendly admin panel gives you a number of options and settings to choose from. With Import and Export settings, you can always save your settings on your hard drive and back it up anytime you need.

WordPress theme pinterest

Easy Theme customization

Change theme background, Change header colors, add your own custom css on the fly, eveything can be managed using our latest VibeOptions panel.

inspired theme

Support and updates

Our technical support will help you at each and every step and you can be sure that your theme is compatible with the latest wordpress version.

June 6, 2016

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  1. Is this an ad for a theme? Where is the demo? How would I know if I want to buy this without a demo?

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