Why WPLMS is the best Education Theme for WordPress

Why WPLMS is the best eLearning platform for WordPress.

This is one of most frequently asked question from us. So what separates WPLMS from other Education themes or Learning management plugins for WordPress, like Academy, CleverCourse (GoodLMS), EducationWP (LearnPress), LearnDash, Sensei, LifterLMS etc and why it is the best education theme for WordPress.

Over 14000 sales and tested on sites with over 700k members, we understand how education businesses function and how technology works. When there is a bottleneck it needs to resolved, it needs to be resolved quickly without the need to go to theme or plugin support. Following points is an attempt from us to convince you on why WPLMS is the best platform for education sites and eLearning communities.

Note that this is not the entire list of features in WPLMS but it is the list of features which differentiate us from other WordPress education themes and plugins.

#1 Built for Instructors

Instructors are simple users who are expert in their fields. They do not need to see the WP Admin screen like any Web developer/designer guy. Everything should be simple and easy for them.

Front End Course creation and editing

The most powerful tool for creating courses. Save your Instructors from seeing the complex WordPress backend.


MultiPurpose Course Directory

Easily search, filter and sort courses in the entire course directory.

wplms course directory

Course Activity Tracking

Track how many students started the quiz in your course.


Manually add students to Course

If you’re selling a course, not everything is going to go well during a purchase process. Sometimes, payments are made but does to clear in realtime. You can add students to a course in realtime manually without contacting theme or plugin support.


Check Student Progress

Check student progress in realtime. So if you’re an Instructor and want to check a student’s progress. Instructors can also get notifications when students progress in new units.


User WalkThroughs

Allow your users to easily navigate through site by creating walkthroughs.



Mark Student’s units manually

Not only progress you can even mark the units complete/incomplete for Students. If you’re running offline courses, you can also use this for attendance system.


Check Student last activity : What if you want to track what the student did in your course ? What a student finished a unit.


Manually evaluate quizzes : So, you may have essay type questions which you want to evaluate ?

Re-Evaluate already evaluated quizzes : A quiz was set to auto evaluation mode with an essay type question ?


Quiz reset : So, a student accidentally submitted the quiz ? and now wants to reattempt the quiz. The instructor can reset the quiz for the student.


Quiz retakes : Or you want to give 3 attempts to user to finish or pass a quiz.



Dynamic quizzes : So you want to create a quiz where first 3 questions are from English (Subject A) from a pool of questions, next 3 questions from Maths (Subject B) from a pool of questions/question bank randomly, without the hassle of manually adding questions.


Mass Messaging to Students :  You want to send a  private message to students of your course.


User Announcements : You want to make an announcement to the Students of your course.


Course News : You want to share a news or a report with the students of your course.


Course Drive

Coupled with BuddyDrive you can share attachments with the users of your course.

User Touch points 

 Trigger emails , notifications or messages on various action points. Like auto trigger email to student when Instructor makes an announcement in the course.

Apply for course  

 Manually administrator students joining the course.


Send invitation codes to students to join a course. Also track which students joined the course using the course code.


Instructor Dashboards

One stop area for instructors to checkout various statistics in courses.


Upload Assignments

#2 Student comfortability

If you ever see any popular site like “Udemy”, “CourseEra” or “Lynda” and check student reviews for various courses, you’ll understand that Students are impatient bunch of users, they need quick answers, anything wrong in the site, they’re quick to point out and it impacts your site’s brand value.


User Dashboards

When you’re pursuing courses you want everything at 1 place. 1 place to see all the courses, all the notifications, all the statistics etc.

Student notes and Discussions

You want to allow students to take notes and discuss the units right in the unit itself and continue the discussion with automatic notifications and emails when someone replies to the user’s comments.

My Activity  

Check your last activities right from your profile.


Email Notifications for Announcements/News

 Get notified by emails, also optionally disable these annoying emails from your account.


Quiz save

So, you have very long quizzes, 3 hours quizzes and you need to go to take a break ? or attempt the remaining quiz from their homes/another location.



Create and share files and folders with users from groups, friends.

Certificate Codes 

Verifiable Certificate codes, Certificates come with certificate codes which are verifiable on the WPLMS site.



#4 Ease of Administration

Instructor Privacy :

Only allow instructors to view and edit their courses, units, quizzes, questions and media files.


Custom Registration forms :

Create multiple registration forms for various user types in WPLMS site.

Schedule emails :

Schedule emails for inactivity ,course reviews, reminder emails for Courses with start dates, courses with drip feed.


Module wise statistics, Download statistics :

Every module has its own statistics area.

Bulk import export

Import Courses, Units, Quizzes, questions and assignments. Import users and assign them to courses. Import user reviews, user marked answers, user quiz results etc.

Site Wide Statistics :

A lot of statistics are recorded in WPLMS, some of it is as below :


#5 WPLMS the Educational social netWork.

WPLMS as built on a social network called “BuddyPress”, it is deep integrated with BuddyPress and it fully utilises the BuddyPress’s registration, profile fields, messaging, notifications, emails


Custom Profile fields :

Notifications :

Emails :


Private Messaging :

Groups :


#6 WPLMS Extensions

You can extend WPLMS even further by using these addon plugins :

WPLMS WishList :  Allow users to add courses to Wishlists and Collections. Collections can be shared on social networking sites.


WPLMS WooCommerce : Create multiple options to sell your course, sell with a different price for certificates, badges or Batches.


WPLMS Batches : Create Classes for your courses, add moderators, administrators in batch to view statistics of students in the batch/class. Add multiple courses, book seats for students.


WPLMS MailChimp : Sync WPLMS with mailchimp lists, create individual list with courses with different status. Send out newsletters etc to various students in the lists.


VideoVibe: Allow instructors to upload videos directly from WP Media popup into your Vimeo Account (Wisita coming soon.). Also enable Instructor privacy and seek lock for Vimeo videos.


WPLMS GiftCourses : Allow users to Gift courses to other users. One click account creation and addition to course right from the email.


WPLMS S3 : Allow Instructors to upload attachment/videos to your S3 account. Inbuilt PDF viewer, attachment protection with expiring content.


WPLMS is a WordPress Education theme and a Learning Management system, built for one purpose, to make online education easy and fun to use.

Buy WPLMS $64
May 25, 2017

26 responses on "Why WPLMS is the best Education Theme for WordPress"

  1. Is it possible to held live classes and after live session it will stay as archived course and work like all other courses??

  2. 1.- Is it possible to work with BuddyBlog, BuddyDrive, BuddyDocs and Sitewide activity widget?
    2.- Does the badge systems works with OpenBadge from Mozilla?
    3.- Can we install any plugin for social registration via Facebook, Twitter and Gmail?
    4.- Is it possible to create some sort of file repository where we see all the documents the students are willing to share and personalize the fields to upload it, i.e. “Name, author, year, etc.”?

    Thanks a lot for the answers and congratulations for the theme!

  3. I’m really interested in buying this theme but would like to know if Vibethemes can provide me with a mobile app to go with it?

  4. estamos interesados en comprarlo, algunas dudas,

    1.- el mismo sitio puede ser accedido y manipulado desde un celular o tablet?
    2.- necesito una version en español, esta disponible?

  5. hi, i really am impressed with the theme, i want to know if i can get more customs functions to the theme?

  6. Hi! My company is really interested in buying the extended license(3200$), but we can’t really commit before trying or having a demo. Can we talk to you somehow? Thanks

  7. Your collection of themes is amazing

  8. Can colours be customised?

    And is there a blog template as part of this theme?

  9. Hi, I am the verge of purchasing your theme but I would like to ask a few questions before that. Do you feature partial premium setting for each course? So for example first few lectures on a course would be free for preview but to view the rest, you must pay. Also, I see that for a few more dollars AWS S3 is supported. I do not know how that is structured but if I were to create an autoscaling group that references to the S3 bucket that stores the lectures, all the instances of the autoscaling group would be real-time up to date despite whichever instance the end point user access the website through load balancer ? Also, is Korean supported in the theme? This is not such a big problem as I can translate myself but I have nodeJS background so it may take some time to get used to php. Thanks in advance for reply

  10. Do you have a ‘light’ version? I will only be offering a few courses and they won’t be certificate courses. People just will need access for a certain time period. And…where is your price list..how do I buy the theme?

  11. Hi! we are really interested in buying the license. Can we have a sales call? Thanks

  12. hi ,is it availibal in arabic or french language?

  13. i want to bay it can u customise me for arabic and french please

  14. Hi, do i need to have an extended license if I want to sell courses to students? Also, does the theme and the app come in Chinese or translated in Chinese? Thanks.

  15. Hi, i have a presales question:

    I am not really looking for a lms system but it is just a matter how you define it.

    I have a travel website for single people.

    Every trip has a max amount of participants, eg: 50 men and 50 women in different age categories.

    When i list a trip, it is important that the amount of men and women + their age are listed, just like you list the amount of students enrolled.

    I saw that u use woocommerce which is good to display my trips like you do your courses and an offline payment which is not a problem with woocommerce.

    Can you confirm that i can display the amount of men and women + their age before someone orders a trip?

    Thanks in advance


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