Responsive Layout vFlex is Built on responsive layout based on Bones skeleton CSS3 framework. The theme looks amazing on iPad ,iPhones and other tablets and mobiles. Easy to Customize Comes with HTML/Shortcode enabled featured area, just enable and put all your code inside to customize the theme. Homepage Flex Slider Homepage comes with inbuilt responsive Flexslider, just select the posts whose featured images would be shown in the slider. Optimized Code Optimized code with best practices for WordPress theme development, …

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Free Responsive WordPress Theme VibeLivre Responsive Grid Framework VibeLivre is a powerful responsive theme supporting all devices and resolutions. Creating your own customized responsive pages template is easy using the grid framework. WordPress SEO responsive theme Homepage Slider This theme comes with integrated flex slider, which is managed from the admin panel. You select the specific posts whose featured images are shown in the slider. Responsive wordpress theme Three Page templates Theme comes packed with three page templates, full width, …

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Pinterest inspired WordPress theme Responsive Grid Framework WPPinterestTheme is build on the popular¬†Twitter Bootstrap framework. It is a powerful responsive platform supporting all devices and resolutions, supported by twitter developers. WordPress Pinterest inspired theme Infinite Scroll This theme provides you with infinite scrolling functionality, which means no pagination. As you scroll down, the page automatically loads up without refreshing itself. Great user experience with absolute SEO advantage as crawlers get a better page load time with new content on the …

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February 2012 Freebie

This month’s freebie includes a Free WordPress theme of the popular Twenty Eleven WordPress theme. Well, Twenty Eleven is the most popular WordPress theme with pretty cool features which make even the premium themes feel shy of. It is the most easy to edit theme which comes with inbuilt layout designer, post styles, and page formats. Not to mention the most important feature which was introduced in TwentyEleven was “Responsiveness”. Which means Twentyeleven theme supports any resolution starting from iPhones …

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vThematic Theme

Thematic is a WordPress theme framework, designed by Ian Stewart. It is based on the popular 960 grid CSS framework. Before going on to describe my findings on this theme-framework below are the points for the Framework. Theme Framework Quality of Code Ease of usage Design Possibilities Default SEO Score Thematic 100 90 90 75 Firstly, I have to admit that Thematic is a beautiful and well polished code and the Themeshaper team has done a great job. It is …

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