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vSlider as a Content Slider

Greetings Vibers, This is the first tutorial in the free section and we want to share some thoughts before we get on to the tutorial. We have created this Free section to promote, share and build the VibeThemes community, so we invite all our users to participate and share your thoughts on these tutorials. Starting off, lately we have seen that vSlider has only been known as an image slider plugin however we have always tried to keep it and …

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Download vSlider4.1.1

Aug 15,11by Mr.Vibe

As all of you must be aware of the Timthumb security issues, we have come up with the vSlider new version “vSlider4.1.1”. For those who don’t know, TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes images and is used with WordPress themes & plugins. We have used this script in vSlider to resize images. The new version vSlider4.1.1 has the updated Timthumb and successfully resolves the security issues. The following issues have been resolved in the new version vSlider4.1.1: …

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vSlider for Developers: Introduction

Jul 23,11by Mr.Vibe

vSlider is currently one of the most popular image slider plugin available on WordPress. Although it has some cool features but we have been getting a lot of requests via forums, comments and emails. However, adding all these features to one slider would make it cluttered and the lower its performance. Since most of the users would not require all the features which we are being requested, we are starting a tutorial series for those who require some special changes/features …

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vSlider for Developers

Jul 23,11by Mr.Vibe

As you are aware that vSlider is one of the most popular image slider plugin on WordPress, not only because of its features but also because of the support we are trying to provide and the number of possibilities it provides. vSlider runs on a modified version of coin slider, and we love coin slider because it provides effects on the lowest level or blocks and has a number of ways to implement it. Lately we have got some requests …

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Need a Slider for WordPress get vSlider 4.1

Jun 21,11by Mr.Vibe

If you own a WordPress blog or website, there aren’t many elegant image sliders in WordPress to which you can look to download and run on your blog. The worst is it isn’t easy to integrate with your blog and you need to make several changes to make them work. Not any More! Your search for image Slider for WordPress ends at vSlider 4.1. vSlider 4.1 is one of the most powerful and easy to integrate slider in WordPress. Download vSlider …

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vSlider Common Issues

Jun 13,11by Mr.Vibe

* All these issues/errors have been rectified in our altest version vSlider 4.0.2. In case you encounter any bugs please post them in the comments or use the VibeThemes vslider support forums. How to remove missing argument 1 for vslider() ? Since vSlider 4.0 is a big improvement over our previous slider vSlider 3.0 series. Instead of using <?php if(function_exists(‘vslider’) {vslider();} ?> you have to use <?php if(function_exists(‘vslider’) { vslider(‘abc’); } ?> where abc is the name of the vslider you …

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vSlider 4.0 is Now available on

Great news for all of Vibers,  vSlider 4.0 is now available on for download. Download vSlider 4.0 from WordPress here We got this plugin approved today proving the quality of code, credibility and assurance of VibeThemes.  vSlider 4.0 is a has a valid css/xhtml code and is compatible on almost all of the browsers. Wait! but this isn’t over yet. We will be developing a whole lot of plugins in our Freemium section. First plugin to be launched in this …

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vSlider 4.0 Now available for Download

Jun 7,11by Mr.Vibe

Hi Vibers, vslider name=”vslider1″We are proud to present you our latest version of vSlider, vSlider 4.0 With inbuilt Tutorials & Faq’s, inside the Plugin vSlider 4.0 comes with unlimited possibilities and irresistible features. Now host unlimited image sliders, multiple sliders on the same page and upto 20 slides per slider. Showcase your portfolio, animate your header or manage your banners with vSlider 4.0. vSlider 4.0 has an improved admin interface with inbuilt tutorials and updates. We have also provided …

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