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Essential WordPress Security Tips

Oct 31,11by Mr.Vibe

As WordPress is becoming more popular so is the threat of being hacked or being contaminated by malware. Since the desktops and laptops are increasingly becoming difficult to hack, hackers now concentrate on hacking websites and use them to spread their malicious code/trojans/virus. WordPress which now hosts more than 60 million sites which is more than half of the sites in the World Wide Web is now their primary target. Protecting your WordPress blog/site is not cheap even the Automatic’s …

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WP Sanitize Now on WordPress

Oct 25,11by Mr.Vibe

After the thrilling success of our popular plugin WP Sanitize which crossed the 1000 downloads mark this Sunday. We have finally launched this plugin on WordPress. We have received quite a few praises from our fellow WordPress companions, mainly theme designers and blog owners on the concept of WP Sanitize. The most interesting part of WP Sanitize was its plug and play solution which everyone liked. The concept of plug and play WordPress plugin which runs on Auto mode in …

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vThematic Theme

Thematic is a WordPress theme framework, designed by Ian Stewart. It is based on the popular 960 grid CSS framework. Before going on to describe my findings on this theme-framework below are the points for the Framework. Theme Framework Quality of Code Ease of usage Design Possibilities Default SEO Score Thematic 100 90 90 75 Firstly, I have to admit that Thematic is a beautiful and well polished code and the Themeshaper team has done a great job. It is …

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WordPress Optimization

Oct 2,11by Mr.Vibe

WordPress optimization is not just important for high traffic blogs but also small websites/blogs who want to get higher listing in search engine rankings. A faster WordPress blog would enhance your server efficiency and help in gaining more traffic. As the 80/20 principle states that 80% of the websites impact comes from 20% of its features, a faster loading WordPress installation can greatly enhance wordpress optimization by improving the end user response times which is directly proportional to number of …

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Coming UP New Themes : FREE!

Sep 26,11by Mr.Vibe

Theme frameworks rule in the world of WordPress themes. WordPress protagonists have always recommended using WordPress Theme frameworks for making new child themes, this has been considered as the fastest way to build elegant WordPress themes. So, which theme-framework will you choose for creating your themes? Which is “The Best Theme framework” ? from ease of usage, fastest loading, design and SEO perspective. This requires an in depth knowledge of every framework. We at VibeThemes are going to take up …

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WP Sanitize WordPress Optimization Plugin

Sep 17,11by Mr.Vibe

Removes vulnerabilities WP Sanitize plugin removes potential WordPress security threats and vulnerabilities in your WordPress installation, keeping you safe and secure. Database Optimization With WP Sanitize you can keep your WordPress database optimized, tuned up and well greased for smoother and faster query processing. Plug and Play WP Sanitize is a one step for your WordPress Security. Just download and install the plugin and you are all set to have an optimized and secured WordPress installation.

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Vibe SEO Pack complete setup and usage guide.

Sep 17,11by Mr.Vibe

Vibe SEO Pack is a simple and easy to use WordPress SEO plugin which covers most of your SEO needs for your website or blog. Vibe SEO Pack would guide you what all steps you should take to make your site search engine friendly and help in achieving better search engine rankings. Below is a video tutorial which would guide you through rest of the process on how to setup Vibe SEO pack right from the installation and setup till …

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Vibe SEO Pack WordPress SEO plugin

Sep 17,11by Mr.Vibe

Simple and Easy to Use A simple, powerful and easy to use SEO tool to optimize your website for search engines without having to edit a single line of code. Vibe SEO pack uses WordPress inbuilt functions/tables to store sensitive SEO data, making it more flexible and compatible with latest WordPress versions. WordPress SEO 2.0 Vibe SEO Pack scans your website link structure, sitemaps and recommends changes to improve your WordPress SEO score. SEO Audit Vibe SEO Pack has unique …

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