Why you should start using Trello for Project management

Trello the ultimate project management app

Trello has been around for few years and never before have I realised its importance than now. Everything has changed after the new Elegantt feature. Trello is no more a simple task manager, it can be used for full fledged project management and can complete with the best. I have extensively used Jira, bugzilla, Asana, Redmine, Trac and a lot of other project management tools but this is one tool I really love. The best part about Trello is the ultra short learning curve, you can get started with it in minutes.

Prior to Trello I had been searching for a simple and easy to use project management tool and I had zeroed in my search on Asana which is a really powerful tool. It has a lot really great features, but for a small team of around 5 – 10 it offers a lot of features and no way to turn them off.

Five reasons to use Trello for project management

  1. Custom Status & Grouping : Every teach has its own development cycle and you can create unlimited status for your cards. You can connect cards across lists by using the color grouping system.
  2. Easy to use : You just need to drag and drop the card in the list. You can add description, a to do list within the card, assign users to the card and comment on the card.
  3. Simple interface : Trello is basically just lists with cards in it. Each card is a task where in you can enter details.
  4. Transparency : You can share the Trello card link to anyone, users do not need to be logged in to see the status of your work.
  5. Tracking : With the new Elegantt feature you can track various aspects of a task the amount of time it took form one list to another, the amount of work done by the users, how delayed are you on tasks and where the delay occurred.

We’ve been using Trello for our regular task management for past 6 months and it has really helped us in tracking and managing tasks. Now our release cycle is much more efficient, testing has improved and overall quality of the product has improved.

The only thing missing in Trello is perhaps a search feature within the lists I am simply amazed by the fact that such a simple tool can offer so much to improve the quality of Work and save so much time for its users. Kudos to the Trello team on building such an amazing product.


June 27, 2016

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