Its time , WP REST API with AngularJS

These are really exciting times for WordPress developers. WordPress is migrating from a CMS platform to an Application framework. This opens a plethora of opportunities for all the WordPress developers.

WP 4.3 brings the RESTful API in WordPress, which means that WordPress is preparing itself to become a backend management tool. The concept of WP themes on AngularJs has been around for a long time, however the most probable reason it has not picked up by theme developers could be the instability in AngularJs.

Angular still remains the most advanced front end Js library and with WordPress officially moving towards a JSON REST API could just be the boost to the AngularJs community.

Why WordPress developers should look to build themes on AngularJs :

  • Single Page applications is the latest trend in WP themes. Not only these are fast the user experience is far better than standard WP themes.
  • Less code and more functionality. AngularJs reduces the need for 90% of code written in javascript/jQuery.
  • Semantic HTML. Custom Directives, attributes enhance the beauty of the markup.
  • Reduces load on server. A lot of things, like image processing, translations can be shifted from server to front end.
  • Optimised for Mobile. The best part, you no longer have to load huge images on mobile.



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