April 2012 Freebie

List styling Plugin

This months freebie includes a list styling plugin : VibeCodes. The plugin sets a TINY MCE button in the wordpress panel with option to create beautiful lists just by inserting shortcodes.When it comes to lists not many options are present, you either have to add a lot of images or change the code/styling for images. So, we’ve created a solution for you just keeping in mind that text styling is important. The plugin uses sprites for icons and is already optimized for minimum impact on your page load time.

The plugin supports 31 icons as can be in the image.

How to use VibeCodes:

  1. Download and install the plugin.
  2. You’ll see a TINY MCE button in your posts editor.
  3. Click on posts editor and select size of list.
  4. Click insert, you’ll see shortcodes inserted into the code. The short codes would look like
  5. [list size=”32″][star]this is a listitem[/star][help]this is a list item[/help][/list]
  6.  Now above short code the icon type of list element is defined by the shortcode, such as [star] [/star] shortcode is inserted for elements beginning with a star icon. Similarly for other icons. All these shortcodes are given in the plugin TINY MCE button popup screen for help.

View VibeCodes Demo
List styling plugin

Download from this link [Members only, register as member here (its free)]:
[emember_protected for=2-3]
Download VibeCodes
Size: 300 KB | Free

Above Plugin is GPL and you can use it any of your commercial projects. Do post your suggestions or feedback for the plugin.


December 15, 2013

14 responses on "April 2012 Freebie"

  1. Thanks for this plugin! Not only does it work well and it’s easy to use, I couldn’t find something similar!

  2. This plugin is awesome! thanks.

  3. The standard “squarish” bullets are still showing alongside the styling icons

  4. Hi, nice plugin, but it cause some conflicts with pluggable.php functions. When I try to add widget into a sidebar, I always get notice “call to undefined functions auth_redirect() in ….admin.php line 66”. After deactivation no errors occur.

  5. The reason of the fatal error is in the update.php file 😉 I deleted line supposed to include update.php and all works well now.

  6. Can you please tell me what exactly did you do to fix the errors ? Im having the same issue and i really want to use this plugin… Thank you.

  7. 1. Go to your WP Dashboard -> Plugins -> Editor-> Vibe Shortcodes
    2. Select File vibe-shortcodes.php
    3. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the line include(‘update.php’);
    4. Simply delete this line.

  8. Hello,

    I can not download the plugin from this webpage. Looks that the link disappeared. Could you help ?



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