vSlider WordPress image slider

Jquery based image slider plugin for WordPress

Jquery image slider plugin

vSlider is a Jquery based image slider plugin for WordPress, which can be used as Header slider, image rotator, image gallery and slideshows.

Create unlimited vSliders

Create unlimited vSliders throughout the site or on the same page, each with different styling and image transition options.

9 Image transition effects

vSlider comes with “Nine” amazing image transition effects such as: Fade, Rain, Random, Winding, Curtain, Swirl and more. You can also learn how to create your own image transition effect in vSlider.

4 Slide layouts

vSlider comes with 4 Slide Layouts for title and text placement and each slide can be connected to a new page/link.

Auto resize images, image caching and quality

Forget about editing image size for the slider, with Auto re-size feature vSlider automatically resizes images of any size to fit the slider dimensions. Even more, with image caching and image quality edit vSlider can load your images faster, reducing the overall page size.

Inbuilt Navigation styles and placement

With 15 combinations for Custom navigation and Custom image button styles, you don’t need to touch your CSS to style vSlider.

Pick First or Featured Images from your Posts

Have an existing blog to put a slider on, use vSlider Featured or First image post feature to create your header or category slider.

Short Code and inbuilt Widget

Embed vSlider in posts or pages with a simple shortcode. Use inbuilt vSlider widget in your sidebars to showcase vSliders.


  1. I’m trying to add a font to match my custom theme and slider image ste. I’ve added it to vslider.php but it doesn’t show up. Is there another file that determines the fonts that show up on the “Font Family” selector?

  2. Dennis says:

    ok how can it be downloaded?

  3. Yes there is no “download” anywhere for v5. please fix.. it’s 2020.. 🙂

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