vSlider Setup Part 2

More vSlider settings

This is second part of the series on “How to setup vSlider plugin”. Before this tutorial we have seen how to install a WordPress Plugin and vSlider setup Part1 : General Settings

This tutorial will help you customize “More vSlider Settings”, after you have successfully installed vSlider and checked general settings.

On the vSlider Edit page, click on (+/-) to expand or collapse the option panel.

More vSlider Settings

1. Image Button Style: Select the image buttons from more than five styles from the drop down. Image buttons are icons beneath the slider which help in notifying the current image in the slider and the number of images present in the slider.

2. Vertical Buttons: Check this option if you want the image buttons to appear vertically instead of horizontally.

3. Navigation Button Style: Customize navigation buttons by selecting from three style options.

4. Image buttons placement: You can customize the placement of the image buttons according to your requirement by giving values for “TOPpx RIGHTpx BOTTOMpx LEFTpx”. This is just like defining margin, you can even give negative values in case you want the image buttons to appear above the slider.

5. Enable Auto-Resizing: Check this option if you want your image to get re-sized according to you vSlider. With this option checked you would not require your images to resize instead they will automatically resize and get chached for faster loading.

6. Image Quality: This value gives you an option to degrade the quality of your images for faster loading. This feature only works when Auto-resizing of images is enabled.

7. Slide Layout: The slide here refers to the title and description. You can place this on any side of the vSlider onto the left, right, top or bottom. See the “?” for more information.

8. Container Margin: Every vSlider is placed in a container and this feature works like a simple css margin to place and adjust vSlider. The description below the field describes how to insert the values for example: 10px 20px 30px 40px (TOPpx RIGHTpx BOTTOMpx LEFTpx) means vSlider would adjust 10ox form top, 20px from right, 30px from bottom an 40px from left.

9. Container Float: This is again a simple CSS fundamental, if you want your vSlider to float left or right of the content automatically without using margins too much then this is feature is helpful.

Next tutorial describes on how to add images to vSlider.

December 15, 2013

7 responses on "vSlider Setup Part 2"

  1. Somehow the expand/collapse button doesn’t work anymore in the developer version 4.1.1 I had this problem before and solved it but I forgot how. Please help?

  2. Great plugin. Is there a way to make the image buttons under the main photos to show mini photos?

  3. Where are the instructions for version 5. I am having lots of trouble with this and can’t find any instructions anywhere. Also, a tutorial video without sound is useless.

  4. Is there a way to have only the image buttons show and not the navigation buttons on the side? When I select “No” for navigation buttons and “Yes” for image buttons, I don’t see either one of them, but I want to keep only the image buttons.

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