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As you are aware that vSlider is one of the most popular image slider plugin on WordPress, not only because of itsvslider for developers features but also because of the support we are trying to provide and the number of possibilities it provides. vSlider runs on a modified version of coin slider, and we love coin slider because it provides effects on the lowest level or blocks and has a number of ways to implement it.

Lately we have got some requests from developers that vSlider does not validate on W3C, due to the on-page dynamic CSS generated by the plugin. This is a compromise we face when we try to provide dynamic styling options to the vSlider for users not aware of html/css and php. However, we are releasing this version of vSlider based on version 4.1 solely for developers which is particularly useful for web designers and developers who focus on optimization.

Download vSlider For Developers & Designers.

What is Special in this vSlider?

  • W3C validated, Click here for W3C validated results for this Page with vSlider.
  • Custom CSS, added flexibility for developers.
  • No on page CSS, would not show in excerpt functions.
  • Possibility of adding custom CSS for every vSlider.
  • Lots of Developer tutorials coming up.

What has been changed ?

  • From Dynamic to Custom Static CSS.
  • Developers would be able to give classes to their vSlider
  • More control for the Developer. [Tutorials would reflect these better]

What has not been changed?

  • Basic functionality and usage remains the same.
  • General Settings in vSlider remain the same.
  • Image source and custom image remain the same.
  • Appearance remains the same though vSlider for developers has tremendous possibilities which we will cover in depth in tutorial series.

vSlider for Developers Tutorials:

  1. Introduction vSlider for Developers.
  2. How to add your custom image and navigation buttons. […coming soon]
  3. Create your own image transition effect for vSlider. […coming soon]
August 14, 2011

10 responses on "vSlider for Developers"

  1. Hello! I have a problem with vSlider animation on web-kit browsers here – autolife.xtreemhost.com . How can i fix this. In IE and Firefox everything i allright.

  2. @RommMKa: Please create a topic in our forums .

    ( v )

  3. How do i download this?

  4. Having issues with the vslider-for-developers.zip; not sure if it’s the active download, but I get the classic XP “The Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt.” error.

  5. Murtle2,

    You can download the same slider from our homepage from “What’s new ” section.

    We are looking into this download issue.


  6. Awesome thanks, other link seems to work just fine. Just the on on this page I had trouble with.

  7. Thank you, you have just made my life simpler.
    The best Slide Show Plugin on the Net.
    Thank you again.
    Glynn john

  8. I can’t get the file to unzip after downloading and when I upload to WordPress, it gives me an error. Help please?!

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