vSlider Common Issues

* All these issues/errors have been rectified in our altest version vSlider 4.0.2. In case you encounter any bugs please post them in the comments or use the VibeThemes vslider support forums.

How to remove missing argument 1 for vslider() ?

Since vSlider 4.0 is a big improvement over our previous slider vSlider 3.0 series. Instead of using


if(function_exists(‘vslider’) {vslider();}


you have to use


if(function_exists(‘vslider’) {




where abc is the name of the vslider you have created in the vSlider Admin Panel.

This issue has occurred due to a fundamental change in vSlider working, thereby enabling multiple sliders on the same page.

Why images aren’t loading in vSlider?

Check permission setting for the cache folder in Plugins->vslider it should be set to 755


Turn off Auto resizing in vSlider Admin panel

More commig soon

Hope this helps!

June 16, 2011

10 responses on "vSlider Common Issues"

  1. What file am I finding this line of code in? The theme or the plugin?

  2. If you hvae downloaded the vslider 4.0.2 version from wordpress, Don’t Worry.

    This warning does not come in code. But it gets displayed on sites which were using vslider 3.0 or below and have upgraded to vslider 4.0 + straight away.

  3. Is it possible to put links in the description of a custom image in vslider? I tried the normal way, but it just disappeared.

  4. trying to put 2 vsliders on one page. trouble with that.

    vslider is loading an image, but applying copy to next image below it to it, which I can’t figure out how to fix.

    is thare a viewer in the vslider editor so we can see what we’re doing, trying to edit instead of having to go to page to see if it’s right?

    happy to send money for your efforts, but am really having trouble w this.

  5. So, I am loving this plugin, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how I can change the image buttons on the bottom to be more in the center of my image, tried messing with the “navplace” in the vslider.js file, but still no luck.

    The vslider.js file creates an embedded style on the page, which is what I need to be able to change!

    Lil help?


  6. Turn off Auto resizing in vSlider Admin panel worked for me thanks.

  7. Hi!
    I’m using the fade effect and the title keeps showing up before the next image, is it possible to set a delay for the title appearance?

  8. I’m running the latest WordPress release, theme of Thesis 1.82, and the latest version of vslider. I put the slider, named ‘header’, in the header with the following additions to the ‘custom_functions.php’ file:

    function vslider_slider() {
    add_action(‘thesis_hook_header’, ‘vslider_slider’);

    It sort of works, but the header wraps vertically in a very strange way so that the top part of a second header picture is inserted at the bottom of the main header slider. They both change every few seconds. Any ideas?

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