Need a Slider for WordPress get vSlider 4.1

vSlider image slider for WordPressIf you own a WordPress blog or website, there aren’t many elegant image sliders in WordPress to which you can look to download and run on your blog. The worst is it isn’t easy to integrate with your blog and you need to make several changes to make them work. Not any More! Your search for image Slider for WordPress ends at vSlider 4.1. vSlider 4.1 is one of the most powerful and easy to integrate slider in WordPress.

Download vSlider – Multi image slider for WordPress


  • Get Images from Post or Page
  • Load images faster with `Image caching`
  • Custom slider Width and Height
  • Give Title and Text to each slide
  • 4 Slide layouts
  • Auto resize images
  • Set Image quality
  • Custom navigation styles
  • Custom image button styles
  • `9 Image transition sffects`
  • Navigation button placement
  • `Short Code and inbuilt Widget`
  • Custom border,color and radius
  • [NEW] Grab First or Featured image from the Posts

Now you can grab the first image from your posts, check auto resize in “More vSlider settings” and You are done!!

This is certainly the one of the most easiest slider to  integrate and setup with your current blog. With several styling options available inside the vSlider you need not look anywhere else, no custom css, no margins, no paddings all the options are available in the vSlider. With our excellent support forums you can be sure that your issue would be addressed sooner than you’ll find on any other free support forum.

If you would like to support us, please use the donation button in your vslider admin panel or place a link back to .The link is a <noscript> link which is only visible to search engines not your users.

Get vSlider image slider for WordPress today.

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October 16, 2011

14 responses on "Need a Slider for WordPress get vSlider 4.1"

  1. Awesomeness!!

  2. Nothing – installed fine and while I am now able to add a new slider none of the images appear. Tried your default images that come with the plugin and even uploaded my own. Buttons appear but not no slider images.

    Baby steps I guess 🙁

  3. THANKS! Got it working by disabling Auto Resize. With that off I guess I need to create my images at the correct size from now one which is not a big deal. Will play around with your slider today but for the most part all looks good.

  4. hi there,
    I was running vslider 3 until today and it worked great. I have installed the V4.1 but I can’t add a new vslider on vSlider 4.1 Settings page.

    Whatever the name I am trying to give, it is not taking it…

    So right this is displaying only one image but no slideshow…

    not sure what to do? any help, thanks !!!

  5. I am running ProPhoto theme on wordpress 3.1.4….

  6. Lots of potential for this plugin and definitely one I like a lot…but I have one suggestion that the css is loaded in the of the source and not in the content area. This also helps if one needs to override and change the css from the theme’s control panel or a custom css, otherwise where it is cannot be custom styled. Actually, it would be great if one can choose via an option to use the plugin’s css or select one’s own 🙂

  7. Hello and thank you for a wonderful slider.
    I am just wondering if you have any plans on making it work on responsive layouts. I find more and more of my readers using their mobiles and it would be great if I could give them a proper slider for that.
    Just a thought. 🙂

  8. how do i set it so that it only grabs the uploaded pictures from the post only? i do not wish to get it from a category.. only from the post that the slider will reside in. Thank you!

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