[July’12 Freebie]:VibeLivre

Awesome Responsive WordPress Theme

This month’s Freebie contains an Awesome Free Responsive Theme for WordPress Designers and Bloggers.

VibeLivre : Free Responsive WordPress theme

  1. Responsive theme, supports tabs/ipads and mobiles
  2. HomePage slider
  3. Dark Theme
  4. Three page templates
  5. Intuitive Themes options panel
  6. Inbilt Portfolio template
  7. Upload/Import/Export functionality
  8. Inbuilt breadcrumbs

So if you the blogger who never gets time to build his own profile, or portfolio. Or you are a designer with no time to make a good portfolio. VibeLivre is for you.

VibeLivre Demo
Free Responsive Theme


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We’d love to hear your comments on the above theme.


December 15, 2013

29 responses on "[July'12 Freebie]:VibeLivre"

  1. Great theme, but is there a way to do header slide pictures would link to posts?

  2. simple fix, please create a thread in forums.

  3. Signed up how do you download?

  4. I still can’t find the download link. Anywhere. Please help .

  5. same problem here…. where is the download link after doing the subscription????

  6. You should get the link in the first email. In case you haven;t received the download (which sometimes happens due to download server unavailability). You can simply email us at [email protected] for the download link and we’ll send you the link straight away.

  7. I try to disable the section “From Gallery” but it still on the homepage.
    How can i do that?

  8. I do not see any link for the free wp VibeLivre theme

  9. Sometimes, when there are multiple people downloading the same file it may happen. But you can always email us for the link [email protected].

  10. great

  11. great

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