Introducing vSlider 4.0

Today we are introducing our latest version of vSlider, “vSlider 4.0 “.

vSlider 4.0 Demo Below

Demo vSlider 4.0 below and front page
[vslider name=”vslider4″]

vSlider 4.0 Download Avialable!

We have given special attention to backend and increasing the number of features. We believe that you would not find more features and customization in any other free image slider WordPress plugin. vSlider 4.0 also comes with inbuilt tutorials and faq section which can referred to set up the slider. We are also starting a new tutorial series for setting up vSlider 4.0 at VibeThemes, showing you the unlimited possibilities of vSlider. You will find a Themes & Plugin section in vSlider 4.0 which gives you latest information on new plugins and themes developed by VibeThemes team.

vSlider 4.0 has some amazing features :[vintro]vIntro coming soon at VibeThemes

I am taking this opportunity to introduce two new sections at VibeThemes :

1. Freemium Section

2. Premium Section

Freemium Section

This section would have WordPress Themes and Plugins which would be free to download for our freemium members. We would be charging a small annual support fee to members subscribing under this section. This fee would help us in maintaining  VibeThemes and develop more resources. We are planing to launch 1 Freemium Plugin/Theme per month for members subscribing under this section.

Premium Section

This section would contain premium WordPress themes and plugins of top quality with premium features and priority support. We would be charging an annually recurring premium club membership fee to members subscribing under this section. Alternatively, the premium WordPress themes and plugins under this section would also be available to users not subscribing under this membership at premium costs.

We are also including a developers section where we would be explaining in detail via tutorials, how themes and plugins at VibeThemes work and how their extended functionality can be used to produce amazing websites. Developers will have access to all VibeThemes resources and rights to rebrand VibeThemes products at annually recurring minimal developer membership fee.

Last but not the least, continuing the legacy at VibeThemes, we are committed to produce and upgrade free plugins and themes for our free members.

We would like all VibeThemes members to share their thoughts on this.

June 13, 2011

22 responses on "Introducing vSlider 4.0"

  1. Amazing, I am waiting for the download link to activate. Nice show!!

  2. i am more than willing to pay for this. you guys make awesome stuff!

  3. well it looks great, but what did work with the old version now does not when I clicked on update in wordpress and completed all the settings. Now I get the following error message:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for vslider(), called in /home/renge/public_html/wp-content/themes/real_estate_fleximag/includes/slider.php on line 4 and defined in /home/renge/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vslider/vslider.php on line 844

    • yes, this is a warning message. Now instead of using
      you have to use

      where abc is the anme of the slider you have created in the vslider admin panel.

      You can check vslider tutorials in the vslider admin for more help! In case you encounter some bugs/issues please report them here

      ( v )

      • Yo Mr.Vibe – I followed the instructions above…before, our home.php said:

        and now it says:

        (vslider_options is the name of our vslider) but it’s still not working…any ideas?

        • my code didn’t come up 😐
          I’ll say it like this – our home.php used to say:

          …and now it says:

          but again, it’s not working…help! thanks

          • Make sure there is no capital s in the function

            vslider(‘vslider_options’); [no capital S in vslider]

            If this doesn’t solve please post your url in the vslider forums.
            ( v )

  4. Nice upgrade from the previous interface. Unfortunately, the slider is not working for me.

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this AWESOME plug-in!!! It was exactly what I was looking for and made my life so much easier! I LOVE IT!!!

  6. I have a 100% fresh install (first time I installed it), bit when adding the php code

    in to the header where I want it placed, all I get is a white screen, so the code breaks everything.

  7. Hi – this is an amazing plugin and I’m a huge fan!!! I just had one question – is there any way to have it automatically resize but NOT via a crop function? Some of the images I’m using that are resized are having important areas cut out.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • Yes! The auto-resizing in vSlider works like zooming the images or shrink the image in the same proportion [width to height ratio] as the original image.
      However, if all your image sizes are more than the width and height of the slider, you can safely turn off the auto-resize option in the vSlider More effects panel.
      So your images would be adjusted to the dimensions of the vSlider without the zoom/shrink effect.

      ( v )

  8. Superb slider!. just installed and got it to fit perfectly into a new website. Many thanks

  9. Thanks, vSlider is so great!
    Waiting for vIntro

  10. Hi – thanks again for a great plugin!

    Is there any way to increase the number of images in each slider set? I think right now its limited to 20?

  11. amazing slider.. but i have a small problem my slider overlaps with my drop down menu any suggestions would really help thank you .

  12. Great,i like it this plugin.

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