How to use vSlider?

In the previous tutorials we have covered on how to install a WordPress plugin, How to setup vSlider : Part 1 General Settings, Part 2: More vSlider Settings and Part 3 : Adding images to vSlider. In this tutorial we will cover, how to use vSlider in your posts, themes or sidebars.

When you have installed and activated the vSlider in your admin panel, you will see “vSlider” in your admin panel.

1. To add a new vSlider to your page click on “vSlider” from the drop down.You will see a table of all
vSliders you have it on your site.To add a fresh vSlider, enter the name of the vSlider in the text box
and click on “Add new vSlider”.

2. To edit any vSlider, select “vSlider” from the drop down and click on “Edit” button.
(It will open the default vSlider if you select on “Edit vSlider” you can refer to above tutorials for more information).

3. Now to use vSlider in different ways please follow the following methods:

vSlider Shortcode Usage

Use the following shortcode in your posts/pages

[ vslider name=”abc” ] where abc is the name of the vSlider you have created in your vSlider admin panel. (remove the space between [ and v in the reference, keep a spance between vslider and name.)

vSlider Widget Usage
Go to WordPress Admin panel, you will find a preinstalled widget named vSlider. Select and Drag the Widget to the respective sidebar and select the name of the vSlider you want to show in the sidebar.

vSlider Function Usage
In case you want to use vslider as a function in your theme, just use

<?php if(function_exists(‘vslider’)) { vslider(‘abc’); } ?>

Where abc is the name of the vSlider you want to show at the function location.

This covers up the vSlider documentation, do refer to vSlider forums and documentation given in vSlider Faq’s in the plugin.

September 26, 2011

19 responses on "How to use vSlider?"

  1. Como por o vSlider 4.1.1 para aparecer em apenas uma pagina não em todas?

  2. Anyways, the code snippet for function usage doesn’t work anymore.

  3. Love the vSlider! I needed a simple but effective image slider for my home page, and the ability to customize the slides works great. Thanks

  4. Hi i am trying to create a gallery like this… Is this possible with this plugin…

  5. I have created a custom widget, simple question really:
    How do I get the shortcode to work in widgets?


  6. The short code isn’t working to place a slider on a page. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi there,

    Can I get the vslider to show the featured image of pages? I read that it could, but there is no option in the configuration to set the ‘image source’ to page. Only ‘custom’ and ‘category’.

    Thanks in advance!

    Regards, Paul

    • Thanks for your request. I will include it in next version vSlider. In case you need a quick solution post it in our forums.
      ( v )

  8. where i put this function in my theme

  9. Wherever you want to use it, see videos on the showcase->vslider page for this.

  10. This is a very nice and useful carousel. I’ll certainly try it with my site.

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