Download vSlider4.1.1

Timthumb updated & other issues resolved

As all of you must be aware of the Timthumb security issues, we have come up with the vSlider new version “vSlider4.1.1”.

For those who don’t know, TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes images and is used with WordPress themes & plugins.

We have used this script in vSlider to resize images.

The new version vSlider4.1.1 has the updated Timthumb and successfully resolves the security issues.

The following issues have been resolved in the new version vSlider4.1.1:
1. Updated Timthumb.
2. [New Feature] Randomize image sequence.
3. Resolved fade delay issue.
4. Resolved deletion of sliders on deactivation via separate un-installation.
5. Resolved image dot below image buttons.

Please update/switch to the new version of vSlider to avoid security breach from the earlier version of Timthumb.

Download vSlider4.1.1


To check whether your site has been affected by the timthumb, please check this

link : PHP Remote view hack- SiteCheck


More details about timthumb security breach at this link

In case you have any issues or need any help you can log a support request at Support Forum.

December 15, 2013

5 responses on "Download vSlider4.1.1"

  1. Good update, although I’ve allready edited the timthumb file myself.
    (also kudos for the new theme in here, very neat)

    Could you give some more info about when the vslider plugin will start to use the build in wordpress sizes? Right now, the timthumb loads dynamicly before the body comes, making it hard to use on high traffic sites (performing time is an issue)… Thanks.

  2. We are working on your request and will release a vSlider version using inbuilt WordPress image resizing functions, on VibeThemes.
    This fix was necessary, we have bought some more time with this update :).
    We will implement this first on our vSlider developer version, so you can expect this coming soon.
    ( v )

  3. I updated to the newest version of vSlider this morning via my admin panel in WP. Now the slider is no longer loading images and there are four text summaries instead. Please see homepage of ~~ URL REMOVED ~~ What can I do to fix this?

  4. Still cant get vslider to work on my site since updating
    It show post excerpt but no image, anyone got any ideas
    I found a post elsewhere that mentioned uninstalling and re-installing which i have tried but still no joy

  5. When will the next version come out? I’m having the same issues Amanda is mentioning (and I’ve read through her support thread in the forums).

    Or, at the very least, is the previous version available for download?

    vSlider is pretty brilliant, thanks for the hard work so far.

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