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Why PWA Apps are so much better than Native / Flutter Apps?

It’s time to put an end to the long debate Flutter vs PWA vs Native. The Winner is PWA ! Having seen both sides of creating apps via PWA, Flutter, Native & Hybrid apps for over 4 years I can confidently say PWA is “THE FUTURE“. Why is PWA so much better than any other technolgy. Why should you go for PWA and not for once think about anything else. Simplicity Creating PWA is so simple and easy. If you …

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Native Apps Are Now Outdated, Long Live PWA

Mobile devices help users in staying connected 24/7 for most of their daily tasks.  Mobile native apps and web browsing are the only way to engage more users. But now Progressive Web Apps are gaining the attention of the users as well as the developers. In this article, we will learn why native mobile apps are now outdated and why PWAs are the future and later we will see the features that make PWA long live.   How PWAs Are Making …

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