Brace up AI Spam is coming !

low angle shot of robot

This might come as a shocker but a major use case for AI has been picked up by spammers. Gone are the days to use captcha for combating spam, even the toughest captcha’s like Google reCaptcha are by passed by AI powered Bots.

This would soon become a nightmare for people who manage sites and comments. As AI bots can post intelligent comments reading from the article it becomes exceptionally difficult to counter such spam. As AI becomes more accessible it is going to unleash havoc on sites as combating spam becomes difficult.

ChatGPT even passed the Turing test which means it can fake human beings and it becomes incredibly difficult to counter such spam bots. While we can detect if the spam comment is to place a link in the article, a non-spammy comment makes it even diffcult and can degrade overall quality of the article.

Some of the companies are even offering captccha solving via mere API calls. while it offers great automation it is also a threat in the hands of a wrong player.

We’re still searching for a possible solution to this issue and will follow up with another article after finding possible solutions to above problem.

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