WPLMS vs EducationWP (LearnPress)

Eduma vs WPLMS WordPress education theme

Education sector is one of the most demanding and  dynamic space for softwares, everyone is looking for a flexible, robust and full of features product which can be the deciding factor on which eLearning platform they chose. One of the most frequently asked question when user planning to start a eLearning site is which premium education platform to begin with. If you’re looking for a complete education platform in WordPress, there are two main choices, WPLMS and EducationWP.

Brief History 

While WPLMS is a 3 year old product still under active development, it is a Education platform (1 theme + 9 plugins) built over social network called BuddyPress. EducationWP is built over a free WordPress plugin called LearnPress. When compared to other eLearning plugins, Learnpress is an exception as free and GPL. However, the free version is very basic and most of its eLearning features are paid, but LearnPress authors make an attractive offer in form of EducationWP theme, which offers all of its premium plugins free. In fact the theme literally took off when it stated that it is offering all of its premium features for free.

Feature Comparison

When it comes to feature comparison with WPLMS, EducationWP is left far far behind even with its premium addons. Here’s a little comparison :


Feature WPLMS Theme EducationWP (LearnPress)
Course Pursue and management
Students and Instructors
Front end Course Creation and Management
Front end Student Management
BuddyPress Integration
BBPress Integration
WooCommerce Integration [ $49.99 ]
Notes and Discussions
User Dashboards with Statistics
Instructor Dashboards with Statistics
Download Statistics Course wise, site wise, module wise
User Notifications and Emails (email template)
Activity Tracking
Instructor Commissions [ $39.99 ]
Instructor Payouts
Custom Registration forms
Course Reviews
Course Prerequisites
Course Retakes
Content Drip [ $39.99 ]
MyCred Addon [ $39.99 ]
Random Quiz [ $29.99 ]
Membership Integration (Pmpro) [ $39.99 ]
Co-Instructors [ $29.99 ]
Collections [ $29.99 ]
Certificates [ $39.99 ]
Custom Badges
Fill Blank questions
Sort Answer questions [ $19.99 ]
Match Answer questions
Select Answer questions
Upload Assignments
Multiple Fillblank and Select questions
Essay Type questions
Survey questions
Manual Quiz evaluations
Quiz Retake with previous results
Quiz Reset
Independent Standalone Quizzes
Unit Locking
Unit Media Lock (Video completion)
Negative Marking in Quizzes
Course Start Date
Unit Start Date
Dynamic Drips (Unit duration, drip origin)
Unit Assignment Locking
Instructor manually, complete, units,courses,quizzes for students
Custom Profile fields
Student and Instructor specifc menus
Custom Profile fields
Course Codes for direct assignment
Apply for Course (manual approval in courses)
Custom Classes for Courses (sub-group class wise, training centers) [ $29 ]
Variable Pricing for Courses (different price for certificates, badge etc) [ $19 ]
Amazon S3 integration (with Instructor privacy) [ $29 ]
MailChimp Deep integration [ $19 ]


Besides above :

WPLMS offers following premium plugins : Visual Composer, LayerSlider, Revolution Slider , EventOn & EventOn DailyView worth $129

EducationWP Offers : Visual Composer , Revolution Slider + above premium addons worth $582



Biased ? Maybe..

It is clear that WPLMS has more features than LearnPress. However, there are many more areas where comparison can be made, however the main advantage of WPLMS is that it is built over a social network called BuddyPress and it internally uses all the features of Buddypress out of the box, plus you can use all the plugins/extensions of BuddyPress with the WPLMS theme without issues. For example : When a student in your course starts a course, WPLMS would automatically use the BuddyPress’s internal notification system to notify the instructor that the course has been started by the user and even trigger an email in a beautiful template.

User Experience

This is just a glimpse, there many aspects of WPLMS user experience, for example, the Instructor can re-evaluate already evaluated quizzes, change marks and send a message to the users. Instructors can even manually award certificates, badges to users which empowers the instructors on adhoc management of the courses and their students.

Last but on the least, WPLMS is being used by many successful startups and universities around the world, some of them have close to a million members in their sites.

We at Vibethemes believe in delivering the best and most useful product, we believe that a great product does not require advertising gimmicks. We continuously make improvements in our code so that our customers get the best and that’s what they deserve for putting their trust on us.


Update : 

While we’re working on LearnPress to WPLMS migration plugin, and we can confidently say that WPLMS is much better equipped for large scale sites than any LearnPress site. This is because of the fact the LearnPress is adding 10 custom tables in WordPress database whereas WPLMS is an entirely WP based product, no custom tables are added, so it performs much faster as it uses inbuilt WordPress caching. LearnPress is also using PHP Sessions which is another overhead on the WordPress’s stateless architecture.

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  1. Wonderful post! Thank you!

  2. Hi, sounds impressive. Can you provide a link to one of those universty with millions of students using your theme?

  3. I have a website dedicated to teaching of mathematics (for free) and we’ll change from PDF’s to video format. I am interested in using WPLMS. My site is in Spanish completely and the plan is to continue in Spanish. Does the WPLMS template has the option to change language? (at least Spanish)
    If not, do I have to translate every wepage manually as I am creating the courses? Or there is a way to translate the template and the created pages will be in Spanish?
    (I am new to WordPress)
    I thank you in advance for the information.

  4. Where can buy?

  5. lol ! In wplms you can create own own tables which are better than the screenshot 😛

  6. Hello, great plugin and theme.

    I am about to get your Theme but would like to know if this following is possible

    1. I want students to be able to buy one “course” or “monthly membership” to access all course

    2. The monthly membership subscription shall give access to all courses for their fee and allow materials download of (PDF & Video files respectively) for certain membership level not all level.

    Question: Is there a way I can add the PDF and Video files to all courses but shall be available for download to only the membership level I allow it ?


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