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This month’s freebie is a clean and simple HTML landing page “Blink”. Landing Pages are the indispensable part of marketing.It is one of the most important component of your inbound marketing strategy as well as lead generation.

Blink Landing Page uses Flexslider in both the main slider as well as the testimonials. The jQuery Gallery Plugin “Touchtouch” is a fullwidth responsive gallery plugin from Tutorialzine.


1. Clean & Simple Design.

2. Easy to Customize

3. Video Supporting Slider

4. Pricing Table

5. FullScreen Gallery

6. Rolling Testimonials

7. Working Subscription Form

8. Font based icons


Blink DemoFree Template | Fixed Layout

December 29, 2015

31 responses on "Freebie"

  1. hello,
    there is not an install.txt file to help with installation.
    Can you please help with ?

  2. No download link in emails received..

  3. where is download link?

  4. That is one nice clean theme. I am compiling a list at my site.

  5. No link to download in both emails I received either.

  6. excellent stuff

  7. I could not get the download link on your mail. Could you please send me that.

  8. is this theme still available to download? don’t see the link anywhere

  9. I wish these template sites did not make it so convoluted to download. Your subscription form shortcode is broken:

    [subscription_form type=”zip”]

    does not help me,

    Next site,

  10. Have a problem with the download link too..

  11. Do I have to send the e-mail from the registered e-mail id or this comment will do?

  12. same issue

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