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You might have noticed that in the custom meta-box of the WordPress SEO plugin, Vibe SEO Pack, there’s a new option called “Search”. By clicking on the links a new window will open for each link giving you different search results on your post main keyword. These links will help you find results on Twitter, Google, WordPress powered blogs or Wikipedia. Why is this important? Because you will be able to learn more about your interest or get in touch with others having interest about the same topic as you. Socializing with people who share the same interest is part of SEO process as well.

The Twitter Search Link

The twitter link will take you to Twitter search result page about your main keyword. Here you can find people tweeting about the same topic as your main keyword so you can follow them or reply to their message so you have high changes to be followed back by persons sharing the same interest and get some high quality traffic to your post.

The Google Search Link

The Google search link will get you to Google search result page about your main keyword so you will be able to find other websites and forums where you can share your ideas and get some quality traffic.

The WP Blogs Search Link

The WP Blogs link will get you to Google search results page about your main keyword but displaying only WordPress powered websites. Here you can interact with other bloggers, leave comments on their websites and again, get some quality traffic.

The Wiki Search Link

The Wiki link will get you to Wikipedia search result page about your main keyword so you can learn more about it, or if your post brings more value to the information on Wikipedia you can think about adding content to it.

Try always to keep in mind that posting a great article is not enough by far considering the volume of content available on the net. Try to get in contact with people sharing the same interest and they will link to your great article, will talk about it, follow you and drive traffic to your website. You should do the same whenever you find quality content on other websites and you will contribute in filtering better results in search engines. Think also that other content writers hate spammers as you do, and they will delete your comments and ignore your messages if only links will be sent to them.

December 15, 2013

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  1. Спасибо за подсказку.Обязательно использую на практике.

  2. Really love this plug-
    in guys I am now getting Google Page 1 for trending subjects like Google+ whats it all about.

    Thank you thank you!


  3. Saya senang menggunakan Vibe SEO, cukup fantastis

  4. I haven’t had an experience with it yet, but I sure will let you know what is the outcome of using it. Bye for now.

  5. Great, great tool! I´m an Seo-Beginner and it´s really easy to write a good seo-optimized post with help by this tool! Thank you so much!
    best regards, Uli

  6. I’m writing a post on a PR website and this is how I found you. I like this plugin, while you’re writing your post it tells you what’s missing in terms of SEO. Just amazing!

  7. I am just trying to optimize my website. I welcome any help or hints on how to get ranked on page 1 of google. Thank You.

  8. I must register your rss

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