vSlider for developers

vSlider Features and Much more

vSliderDev comes with all inbuilt vSlider featured including image caching and transition effects. Plus a different css files gives the added flexibility to include container as well.

W3C Validated

vSliderdev for Developers is W3C validated and helps in improving SEO score for website.

Custom Styling

Create unlimited custom styling using vslider.css, vslider dev comes with preloaded ipad and vslider classes to get you started. You can easily create your own version of styling by copying these simple and easy to understand styling.

Automatic Updates

vSliderdev is now a different plugin from vSlider and is maintained and updated saperately using API we have developed at VibeThemes.com.

Tutorials, Support and Community

vSliderDev is even more enhanced by tutorials and support from the developer community at VibeThemes.com.

December 13, 2012

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