vSlider Setup Part 3

Adding Images

In the previous tutorials we have covered on how to install a WordPress plugin, How to setup vSlider General settings and How to use more vSlider settings. In this tutorial we will show how to add images in the vSlider.

The final step to customize you vSlider is adding your images to the slider.

Image Source
1. Image Source : There are choices for image source in vSlider, either Custom url i.e the web url of an already uploaded image on the internet or via post Category i.e fetching images from posts.

2. Open image links in new window: Since each image in vSlider can be linked to a different page called an “image link“, check this option if you want to open the image link in the new window.

3. Category: If you have selected the category option in Image source then Select the category for which you want to display images in the slider.

4. Grab Post Image: Once you have selected the “Category” option in “Image source” then in category posts which image you want the vSlider to show. If you want to show “Featured” images which are separately attached to every post or you want to pick the “First image” in each post inside the category.

6. Slides:This option lets you set the number of slides you want to display in your vSlider.

7. Display post excerpt : If you want to display Title and Description beneath each post image then check this option and enter the number of characters you want to be displayed in post excerpt on every slide.

8. Random Image Sequence: Randomize image sequence and display images randomly from the list, whether it is from post category or using custom images.

Custom Images
1. Image URL: Enter the image URL i.e. the location of the image.

2. Image links to: This refers to the location which is being pointed when the user clicks on the image.

3. Heading text: The Title text.

4. Description text: The description of the of the image(if added).

In next tutorial we will cover how to use vSlider in your posts, theme for sidebars.

December 15, 2013

3 responses on "vSlider Setup Part 3"

  1. Hi,

    vSlider is cool !
    How to create a vSlider with all images attached to a given post.
    For example, I take photographs, and I create a blog post with all images. So I which to display the post with all the attached images thru vSlider, it’s better than a 2 kilometers high blog post !

    But how to do that ?

  2. Thank you so much for VSlider – it’s great – but I was wondering… I’d like to use images hosted via picasa – is it possible to use a source url that is not on my own domain?

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