Vibe SEO Pack WordPress SEO plugin

Simple and Easy to Use

A simple, powerful and easy to use SEO tool to optimize your website for search engines without having to edit a single line of code. Vibe SEO pack uses WordPress inbuilt functions/tables to store sensitive SEO data, making it more flexible and compatible with latest WordPress versions.

WordPress SEO 2.0

Vibe SEO Pack scans your website link structure, sitemaps and recommends changes to improve your WordPress SEO score.

SEO Audit

Vibe SEO Pack has unique SEO audit functionality which gives SEO score for each post and recommends additional improvements can be made in your content.

Link Management

Link management is very simple you can select which links to be made nofollow throughout the site and which pages/posts/categories should not be indexed by the search engines.

Custom Title/Description with Search help

Put custom post titles and descriptions for every post and increase your search relevance. Use search links to find out what rankings exist for your targeted keyword.

Add scripts to header or footer without touching the code.

Use inbuilt support in Vibe SEO pack to add Google analytics or webmasters code to header or footer of your theme without touching the theme.

November 14, 2011

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