The all new vSlider 3.1

After the success of vSlider 1.0 with 50,000+ downloads , vSlider 2.0 with 63,294 downloads and vSlider 3.0 with 18,105 downloads, we are happy to announce vSlider 3.1 . The all new vSlider 3.1 is the latest updated version of vSlider with more incredible features and an improved back-end. vSlider 3.1 is a light and compact plugin,with just 101 kb in size it uses WordPress inbuilt functions and scripts.

vSlider 3.1


1. Upto 20 Custom images or Category Images
2. Custom link for every image
3. Image speed , Animation Speed
4. 4 Transition modes [Random,Swirl,Rain and Straight ]
5. Custom Slider Fields with Title and Description over images
6. vSlider Widget and Short Code


  1. Unzip vSlider zip archive and upload it to wp-content/plugins/ folder or upload the plugin from the WordPress Plugin interface
  2. Activate vSlider WordPress plugin
  3. Go to vSlider Setup options page from your WordPress dashboard and customize the image slider as you wish.
  4. PHP implementation: Go to Appearance – Editor from your WordPress dashboard and edit your current WordPress theme. Copy this code <?php if (function_exists(‘vSlider’)) { vSlider(); }?> outside of the loop in your theme to where you want the slider to appear (More details about how to insert the code here.).
  5. Short code implementation: Use [ vslider] in the post or page whereever you weant the vSlider to appear.
  6. Widget implementation: A Widget would automatically be installed in your widgets panel after activation of the plugin. Use the widgets panel to activate the widget in a sidebar. For more help refer the forums.


  1. Set the slider with and height, the animation type, speed, number of post to feature and the featured category from the vSlider options menu.
  2. Set up custom CSS code for vSlider (for advanced users) from vSlider options menu.
  3. Add the path to the images and where to link if you want to use custom images.


Download vSlider 3.1 here

Click here for Bugs and Solutions on vSlider 3.1


December 13, 2012

24 responses on "The all new vSlider 3.1"

  1. Wow, Over 100 Downloads already!

  2. Hi…firstly THANKS for a great slider.

    I have followed the instructions on how to set it up and yet it displays as an empty slider on the far left side of my homepage (which is centered).
    I’ve changed the size of the images in the vSlider editing page but I still have an empty slider.

    How do I center it?
    How do I get the images to show?

  3. Great plugin.

  4. ..great going Mr. Vibe

  5. Hello Stefan,
    I have been using your older vSlider 2.0 for awhile now and am in the process of upgrading to a more current version of WordPress. I’ve downloaded your most recent version of vSlider and I don’t seem to see a “fade” option for the animation mode. Is there one or will there be one in the next version? This gave me the effect that I wanted.

    • Yup, fade option is currently not in vSlider 3.1. But due to its popularity we’ll include in the next versions for sure.

  6. I installed the 3.1 and now when I go to add a custom image, the +/- does not work. it won’t drop down so I can add the images and text. Have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. probably have to revert back to 3.0 until fixed??

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your valuable input. We did not face any such issue during our testing however, we are working on this. Will update you as soon as it gets resolved.


      • yea, I am using a mac – not sure if that makes a difference. the previous build, I am using on a site right now that I’m about to make live. I really wanted to use the new one to hold a bunch more slides. Also, I’d really like to see a smooth transition with the images.

        thanks for an AWESOME plugin. we designers really appreciate your hard work.


  7. Update: We have crossed the 500 Download Mark for vSlider 3.1.
    In order to keep the plugin updated and running, I request our members to report encountered bugs and we will actively provide you support in the forums.

  8. I have a crazy(?) question. I am currently using this slider in a widget attached to my front page (top feature) and it’s great, I love it, custom links, it’s awesome. For reference lets say its 900pix wide and 180pix tall.


    Let’s say I also want to have another slider on a page where I only have 580pix width to work with. How can I get another slider on this page at different settings from the above one (900pix wide)?


    • Current version vSlider 3.1, supports only a single slide show. However, the next version to be released vSlider 4.0, supports multiple sliders and they can be on the same page as well.
      In case you are interested in getting a copy of vSlider 4.0 before it is released you can sign up as beta tester here:

      • Just about to try this plugin for the first time, but I’ll need to create a few different sliders for different product pages. Do you mean that with the current version, I can only create one slider for use on my entire website? Or can I create different ones for different pages? Thanks!

    • Good question and I’d be interested in knowing this one, too. Perhaps, in the next build we’ll be able to create separate sliders that will have short codes generated for us to place within the them PHP files.

      thanks for this plugin!!

  9. Version 4.0 requires all new formatting, data entry, etc to implement the same look/feel I was happy with with version 3.1.

    Where can I download 3.1 to replace 4.0?

  10. iHi m used new vslider4.0 version its working finely but i want move button on left side its may be top:15px its can moved its hide on behond the slides… m getting so much problem

  11. Where do i need to put that code in the index.php or header.php?

  12. Depends upon where you want your vSlider to be placed. If you want it to be on home page only.
    you can use index.php in case that does not work use some conditional tag in header like.
    if(is_home()){ vslider(); }

    ( v )

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