Sending Mass Messages Trough Twitter

Not so long time ago i announced the release of a tool that can send direct mass messages via twitter to multiple followers in the same time. This tool can be found here.

As you can see in this screenshot from my Google Analytics account, this tool have quite a success and after the homepage and the vSlider plugin page is the third visited page on this site. This, and a message sent by one of the users makes me think if things are clear enough for everyone about what is the purpose and how to use this tool.

First of all, this is not a way to broke twitter rules or a tool for SPAMMING others. When first i was thinking of such a tool i had in my mind a group who share the same interest but they are not located in the same place and some information can be made public but some is just for specific followers, because we are speaking about twitter here, right? Ok, might be that you are a golf equipment seller and some of your followers are directly related to your business and you are closer to them and made a group but not so close that you are changing emails. In this case is quite handy to send not public information to them using a tool and not writing over and over again the same message.

How Is This Tool Working Anyway?

Well, you just add this group of followers and the message you want to send and for each follower the message will be duplicated and send out using the initial information.

How Many Messages Can I Send?

Twitter have a limit for how many messages can be sent in a single day. Read Twitter TOS here. But if you are subscribed to a service that send automatic messages (like welcome messages) they will count to your daily limit.

What Information Is Stored?

NO information is stored and this is why i write this post. Here’s a message from Helen I’ve got today:

Hi, I signed up for your service to mass-dm on Twitter a few days ago from my account (Helen’s account). Apparently, it flooded the system and my dm feature was turned off. I assume there are unsent messages in your “To Send” box from me.  BUT. PLEASE DON’T SEND THE MESSAGES, once my twitter account is fixed,  I don’t want to flood my twitter account again. And now, the messages I posted to you are days old and irrelevant, anyway. Thank you, Helen

No information is stored as i said, so there is NO unsent messages hold to be sent later, in fact, there is NO send box at all. The script do not hold any information and do not use a data base and I CANNOT control the process at all.

After the “Submit My Message” button is pushed a report from twitter will be displayed of which user got the message and which are not, there will be no other attempts to send the massage again.

This Is A Safe Service?

To be honest with you, by the time i was writing the script till today my conclusion is that it’s not worth sending a private message to someone who’s not sharing his email so i did not use it for a long time, i don’t even know if it’s working with twitter current API.

In conclusion, there is NO guarantee for using this tool and if you decide to do so, you are doing it at your own risk as it is specified here.

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  1. You’ve posted a very interesting topic. For twitter users, I am sure this is a very interesting topic for them.

  2. This would have been a great feature.But I’ved checked out Publicitweet and found out that it cannot personalize the Direct Messsages.

    • Yes, Twitter had made some changes to their API because of which sending mass twitter message is now not allowed using the direct messages.

  3. thank you for the work you have put into this post, it helps clear up some questions I had.

  4. Very helpful article posting. Thank you because you shared it on the web so people like me who always browse on the web can read this kind of articles.

  5. Hi! Is this still possible? The Link to the tool “” is not working.

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