10 Creative One Page Site

One page site is an awesome idea. It’s just amazing to see how the creative graphics designers put their thoughts and ideas into one page site.

What i feel is One page site is more manageable, can be more creative and beautiful than other multiple page sites.You can really go beyond the traditional thinking and design an awesome concept.

One page site offers many advantages over traditional multiple page based sites such as No refresh, quick, responsive, distinctive but they do have disadvantages like some might take a hell lot of time to load due to big size images.

Here’s is the showcase of the best one page site with breath-taking creativity and most awesome, beautiful , out of the world concepts across the web. The main purpose is to inspire your imagination to design new trends.

A horizontal Scroll website with an awesome idea and message.
I like the manual horizontal site navigation.It is very smooth and yes you can go to any page at any point of time as it has page number mentioned at the bottom.
one page site head2heart vibethemes

An out of the box idea.
The site is fast loading and what i feel is the concept is much different from the usual one page site.
One page site pikaboo vibethemes

Portfolio of James Garner.
This is one of the best portfolio i have ever seen.I have never seen such imagination of the designer.
On “Meet Bob” page just press the nose of Bob and the music starts…wow…just try and you will love it….!!!
one page site jamesgarner vibethemes

A digital creative agency.It’s a bit slow loading but the concept is awesome.
I like the site’s earlier version too, i must say it was and is like a magical experience.
one page site vibethemes 2advanced

A personal resume for voting.
The concept is good and navigation is smooth & fast.
one page site vibethemes

A portfolio.The vertical scroll one page site is fast and smooth.I feel the site has a clarity of thought and is seen in designs as well.
one page site vibethemes

This was actually the first site which i saw years before with so much creativity.I don’t really know how old is this site but it has always been a great experience to return and take inspiration from this beautiful site.
one page site vibethemes

A simple yet innovative portfolio.Loves the navigation as well as the idea of the site.
one page site vibethemes

Yet another portfolio but different from others.It’s simple, clean and fast.Check it out to get inspired.
one page site vibethemes

Think green with an awesome idea.
Use of both horizontal as well vertical scroll makes this a great concept and a lovely experience to visit and take inspiration.
one page site vibethemes

If you know more creative designed one page site , please do let us know. We will surely include them in our next post.

December 13, 2012

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