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Keyword Density & Readability Test

Just added a couple of more tools in the “More” section of top menu. Now, we have three tools “Twitter Mass Direct Messenger“, Keyword Density checker and Readability Tester. The last two have been added recently,

  • Keyword Density Analyser

    This Tool analyses your webpage and breaks down your content into words, phrases and sentences. Then matches these phrases and sentences for repetition and density calculation. It neglects all the connecting words and articles thereby accurately measuring the keywords in the content. Going forward this would also take into account the HTML tag with which the keyword was stressed on.
     You can access the following app on this link:
  • Readability Analysis

    Readability test is an app which calculates the readability score of your content. This indicates how easy one can read and comprehend your content. However, this could be subjective but there are standard algorithms such as SMOG index, Flesch-Kincaid readability tests etc. Interestingly most of our favorite blogs have a decent readability index compared to those we do not like. An essential parameter for bloggers of-course.
    You can access this App at this following link:
    Tell us what do you think about above apps and what was your score?
December 15, 2013

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