Landing Page Optimization

The goal of Landing Page Optimization (or Conversion Optimization) is to improve the percentage of visitors that become prospects or customers.

Landing page in layman terms is to ask the visitor to do something or to take an action; to buy a product or service or to subscribe to it. Creating landing pages allows you to target your audience for specific marketing campaign like an email campaign.

A good landing page helps in generating leads, showcase our offers to the target audience, collect information about our prospects/customers and most important it offers useful insights as to how effective is our marketing offer.

Here are some tips as to how to go about designing your landing page

  1. Clear headline and Description

The first thing a visitor will notice is the page headline, description, and layout. It should instantly convey the value of your offer and create a strong incentive for your visitors to download or sign up for it. In short it should compel the visitors to have a closer look.

landing page optimization

2. Simplicity is the key

Keep your visitors focused on filling out your form by removing all distractions like navigation links, from the landing page. Having distractions would have negative effect on conversions.

landing page optimization3. Social Media

Include social sharing links like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to encourage your visitors to spread the word about your offer.

landing page optimization4. Buttons

A conversion button should stand out and should compel the visitors to click. Buttons such as “Free”, “Buy”, “Download Now” should make visitors click it.

landing page optimization5. Form Rules

Design of the form should be in a way that captures all your needs to qualify a lead. It should not be long to drive away the readers.

landing page optimization6. Use images and videos

Having product images or videos of user testimonials or kind of motivational speech can have positive impact on shoppers and can give that extra push required for a conversion.

landing page optimization

7. A/b Testing

A/b testing for landing pages is when you create two or more versions of your landing page and test a specific element. Let us suppose one of your landing pages have a video demonstrating the use or the final outcome of the product while the other doesn’t. By tracking the performance of each, you can easily see the results which page is doing better in terms of conversions.

Starting with A/b Testing or multivariate testing for your landing page

Why should you create landing page for your product or service ?

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