Why you should to chose your WordPress education theme/plugin very carefully

Key things to note while purchasing your WordPress education theme or plugin

Education in WordPress is just starting and there are already a lot of options available for any user starting their own eLearning website. When it comes to education WordPress theme and plugins, there are membership plugins, there are themes and then there are complete education platforms like WPLMS.

While deciding the education theme/plugin, discounts seem very attractive but one must not forget that when you invest in eLearning or online Education, you’re actually investing in your business venture. You’re going to spend a lot of time in developing quality content and courses for your site which would attract more students and convert into revenue.


Every software has two aspects, UX, the usability and code quality, the robustness. Both these factors determine the future and longevity of your venture.

Why Usability ?

While attractive design is good for start, poor UX can easily turn off any user and even more, the user might not even return again which also impacts the brand value of your website as word of mouth is considered as best form of  marketing & reverse, negative campaigning.

Why Code Quality ?

Code quality is one the hidden factors which come into play as your site starts growing big. It also means when you’ve successfully started your website, your software might become the Achilles-heel and you have to switch to a new education platform which can cause potential loss of consumer base and countless hours of repair work.

Last but not the least the support..

The developer team and the support for the product is another factor which should be kept in mind. If you’ve used and worked with softwares, you’ll now that every software has bugs, but how quickly they’re resolved without impacting your business is the key  factor for trusting and choosing your education platform.

When it comes to WordPress education themes and plugins, given that the average lifespan of WordPress themes is not more than 6 months, your venture is actually a partnership between you and the theme or plugin developer.

So which platform are your choosing for your WordPress education venture ?

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