Shortcode usage

This theme comprises of many shortcodes, all shortcodes are responsive and can be used inside one another.

Here is a brief usage of short codes and how they look like:


Short is used for entering code on the site it creates a well around your code for better visibility


[code]This shortcode supports html content [/code]


Creates a well outside the content.


[pre]This is a pre shortcode [/pre]


Denotes line numbers to entered content, line numbers to each line delimited by “enter” or new line.

Usage: [linenums]This is a line number shortcode [/linenums]
  Abbreviation and Buttons [abbr],

Usage:[abbr full=”Abbr Full form”]Abbreviation[/abbr]


Size: mini, medium,large
Type: Default (Grey),Primary (Dark blue), Warning (light orange), Danger (red),Info (light blue), Success (green), Inverse (black)




color= black or white

Icon types as below:


Shows an alert message, can be closed using the “x” icon.


this is it an alert
: Green color


this is it
: Red Color


this is it
: Blue color


Shows a label with background color wherever applied

Usage:[label type=”info”]this is it a Label [/label]

[label type=”warning”]this is it a Label [/label]

[label type=”success”]this is it a Label [/label]

[label type=”important”]this is it a Label [/label]

[label type=”inverse”]this is it a Label [/label]

[label]this is it a Label [/label]






Shows a responsive progressbar whereever applied, complete % is entered within shortcode parameter.






Shows a modal on click.

Usage:[modal anchor=”This is amazing” heading=”This is my”]This will appear in modal body[/modal]



Shows a popover on hover the button.

Usage:[popover pop=”Wow an amazing tooltip”]This is the anchor[/popover]

Shows responsive tabs whereever applied, supports shortcodes inside


First tab

Second tab

Third tab

[tabpane name=”one” active=”active”]This is the first content in tab 1
[tabpane name=”two”]This is the second content in tab 2 [/tabpane]
[tabpane name=”three”]This is the third content in tab 2 [/tabpane]



Shows a responsive accordian wherever applied.

Usage:[accordian][pane name=”aone” anchor=”First”]First one [/pane][pane name=”atwo” anchor=”this is first”]First one [/pane][pane name=”athree” anchor=”this is first”]First one [/pane]



Shows a responsive slider where ever applied, supports shotcodes inside. Supports caption and descriptions.

Usage:[slider name=”onetwothree”]HTMLlised content HTMLlised content HTMLlised content


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