Activity recording in eLearning platforms

eLearning in WordPress is just emerging but most of the options in WordPress are not compliant with the popular eLearning standards and that is going to be really big issue in future. There are two aspects of every learning management platform, content and activity. The content part is what is being taught and activity is what is happening in the course. While most of the options available today look really good in the content part but they totally lack the latter part i.e activity tracking.

Why do I need activity tracking in my eLearning site ?

eLearning in WordPress

Activity is a major part for any LMS platform, without which you’re loosing really important data which may be really essential for you. If you record what is happening in your course, you can trigger various actions based on activity being recorded like awarding badges or giving points. The latest TinCan/xAPI spec also focusses on the need of activity tracking which is consistent across the Learning management platforms.

For example : You may want to reward a student who completes a unit or quiz in shortest amount of time, or you’ve added a small game in the course and the person finishing the game fastest gets the reward.


Activities not only reflect the true nature of one’s progress in an eLearning course but it is a feedback to the instructor on how to improve her course. Instructors should be able to access and assess activities so that they can generate various statistics which are crucial for them in improving their courses.



March 24, 2016

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