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Many Wp Remix Theme users ask me or on the Wp Remix forum about their theme and vSlider plugin working together. However, they have discovered a problem regarding the dropdown menu going under the slider instead of staying nice on the top.

The guys from Wp Remix say “we do not guarantee that our theme is working with all plugins out there” and they are perfectly right. This is not their issue and i decided to write a special post about how to solve the dropdown problem.

What is really happening with the dropdown menu?

Well, the dropdown menu is wrapped in a div called “nav” and it’s position is declared as relative from the “style.css” file from the Wp Remix theme folder. A quick explanation about relative positioning is that the browser can read the command from the css file as 3D definition, in other words, who is on top of who in the case of two elements are on top of each other. In our case the navigation ID is declared as relative but not set what is the exact position in the Z axis (where x and y define the plan axis and z the depth).

How to solve the Wp Remix dropdown and vSlider dropdown?

Ok! All you need to do is edit your “style.css” file from the Wp Remix theme folder or edit the style sheet from your WordPress admin panel and find the following lines:

#nav {
margin:0 auto 5px;

Now change this lines to:

#nav {
margin:0 auto 5px;
z-index: 99;

Or you can just add the following line to it: z-index: 99;

Now you have set the navigation dropdown position which will be on top of vSlider.

You should change this code anyhow!

It is not really matter what type of java script you will use on Wp Remix theme (can be a YouTube video as well in your post), your dropdown menu will go under it and you’ll face the same problem. Changing the code as showed before will solve this problem.

What about using Wp Remix

This post is in no way intended to change your mind about using Wp Remix theme. I recommend you Wp Remix because it’s a really stable WordPress theme and have almost unlimited options. My personal opinion is that the guys behind it made a really good job!

You can download Wp Remix theme here. A single license with all features included will cost you only $75.

You can download vSlider plugin here. This is a free WordPress image slider plugin.

December 13, 2012

3 responses on "WP Remix Theme Dropdown and vSlider Plugin"

  1. hi there,
    this is great as it solves the problem and keeps the menu above the slideshow. Now the issue is I have to do it everytime I update my blog. It keeps going back to the original settings on the style.css file.

    Any ideas?

  2. Great Plugin and thank’s for “z-index: 99”.

  3. thank you thank you!
    the “z-index:99” tip solved my PixoPoint dropdown menu / vslider issue.
    so happy!

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